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Jan 2, 2008 03:48 PM


anybody ever been to Vegan Glory near Bev Center? i heard its vegan Thai, but that's all i know.

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  1. i went for lunch a few months ago, and was pleasantly surprised. it's thai-ish. they have a series of dishes where you have a choice of proteins -- seitan, vegan 'chicken', tofu, etc. on the waitress's recommendation, i got the 'chicken' with chinese broccoli. it was really fresh, not overcooked -- so the veg was still bright and crisp. sauce was flavorful, protein was pretty good too. my friend had mung bean noodles with mixed vegetables -- also very tasty and fresh.

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      I haven't been, but I have been to Bulan on Melrose (also vegan Thai) and it was quite good -- didn't suffer from the usual problem of vegan restaurants where apparently people want to know they're eating healthily by having everything taste like cardboard -- Bulan isn't afraid of chilies or garlic.

    2. It's on our regular rotation of places to order from. Their green curry is tasty.