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Jan 2, 2008 03:25 PM

ATL - Benedetti's Closing

As those of you in Atlanta may or may not know, Benedetti's (Italian) in Decatur is converting to a pizza-only format. I realize it wasn't exactly fine dining and yes, I've eaten at and liked Sotto Sotto but does anyone have any suggestions for small (possibly even shady) hole-in-the-wall italian places around Inman/Candler Park/Decatur? I really loved the vibe in Benedetti's and am hoping to find a suitable replacement in the 'hood.


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  1. I've heard good things about Calavino's in the Oakhurst neighborhood.

    1. Not in that area but Bambinelli's gives me the same kinda feeling.

      1. Calavino's is quite good, but not quite the same in terms of "marinara, etc." type place. The closest worthwhile examples I can think of are Nino's and Alfredo's down on Cheshire Bridge. Avoid Artuzzi's like it beat up your dog.

        1. I have no recommendations. I do want to say that I have had some truly great dinners at Benedetti's. This is a sad loss! Though I no longer live in Atl, the 30+ years that I did I ate at Benedetti's often. Like someone already mentioned, it was more of the "buzz" of the place than it was the food. And, I must add that the food wasn't all that bad either. I have other friends who have now also moved from Atl that will also be saddened by their closing. Thanks for sharing.

          1. hi,i just wanted to thank the folks who recomended my place in response to this post.i also wanted to say that although i did in fact open an italian restraunt in oakhurst 3 mnths ago if you are looking for the same feel and food of benedetti's i would suggest nino's on cheshire bridge.nino's has been one of my favorite places to eat since i moved here 14yrs ago and i promise you won't be disappointed.
            now,on that note,i would like to invite all of you to join us at CALAVINO'S
            350 mead rd decatur ga 30030. (404)373-5220 thanks,Calavino

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              Thanks, all. I will certainly have to try Calavino's and Nino's. A rec. from another store owner says a lot about both places in my opinion.