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Jan 2, 2008 03:08 PM

Abeles & Heymann Bison Products

I have seen A & H bison hot dogs recently. Does anyone know when or if A & H will be producing bison pastrami?

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  1. Where have you seen the hot dogs? I've been trying to get my hands on some but cant find them anywhere. I spoke to someone from he company a while back and they said they would return to bison products but didn't want to give a date. I guess the time is now.

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    1. re: superburns

      I'm hoping to see the bison salami again! I really enjoyed it last time I had it (several years ago, purchased @ Shop Rite Kosher Experience in Cherry Hill NJ).

      1. re: superburns

        I recently spotted the bison hot dogs at Kosher Food Emporium in Plainview, Long Island.

      2. Bison corned beef and pastrami, pre-packaged, at Glatt Express in Teaneck. Flavorful. but very dry. Very little fat. Funny, bison don't look so skinny!

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          Not much to add here other than my love for A+H Products. The New Hyde Park (Long Island) Pathmark has a nice selection, but no bison meat last time I checked. I just bought a cervlat and regular salami that I''m drying and the 16 pack of dogs. I imagine that this is well known, but the dogs in the 16 pack (each dog in a condom-like plastic wrap) are fatter and jucier than the standard pack.
          And their deli mustard is tops too.