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Jan 2, 2008 02:41 PM

Korean / Japanese food recs in SW burbs

Anyone know of any decent and not too pricey Korean or Japanese restaurants in the SW burbs? We live in the Bolingbrook area and are willing to drive a bit.

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  1. A Korean coworker recommended a Korean restaurant on Rt. 59 near Fox Valley Mall named something like Miga 59.

    It ain't Korean or Japanese, but there's a Filipino grocery and cafe on the east side of Rt. 59 just north of St. Mary's Church in Plainfield.

    I once liked Edo Japanese Restaurant in the Hillcrest Shopping Center in Joliet, but I quit going there a few years ago a string of subpar meals.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: Mugs

      Thanks! I read a review of Miga 59 and they seem decent. I did hear Edo has gone downhill.

      1. re: libgirl2

        If you want real Korean, go to Tofu Village (Cho-Dang Tofu) located in Ogden Mall on Ogden Ave., just west of Naper Blvd. in the same mall with Kmart and the Ogden 6 movie theater. Don't let the name fool you, as they serve many dishes without tofu. But the place is run by Koreans and it seems most of the patrons are also. Great homemade Korean soups and other dishes and prices are very moderate ($8-12 range).