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Fantastic dinner at Alfama

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It's been quite a while since I've been to Alfama. My wife and I always enjoyed it in the past and were a little apprehensive about going back as the chef has changed. Nonetheless, we went last night with my parents and had a really fantastic meal.

My wife had the "two soups" and my parents each had the grilled shrimp and chorizo. All of them loved their appetizers. I had the flaming chorizo which was superb - not too fatty or salty - just perfect.

For entrees, my wife and father both had the steak which is served absolutely raw on a hot stone with a garlic dipping sauce as well as a chili dipping sauce (peri peri?) and cooked at the table by the eater. They raved about it and I tasted some - it was out of this world delicious.

I had the seafood stew which was sublime - lobster, shrimp, cockles, mussels, scallops and potatoes in a perfect broth. I'm still dreaming about it.

My mom's guinea hen was good, but not as superb as the other entrees.

For desert I had the Motolofa - one of my favorite portuguese dishes and it was top notch. My father tried the bread pudding which was rich and heavy and just perfect, and my wife had the custard cakes which were excellent too.

Unfortunately we did not have space for any of the portuguese cheeses, which are generally in my opinion the most underrated cheeses in the world. But alas, we were too full.

I should mention that the Beirro Alto and Alfama Fizz cocktails were both excellent.

All in all, a memorable meal. I was left wondering why I don't go there more often...

Anyone else as big a fan as I am?

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  1. My now fiancee and I went there on our third date -- and we had an amazing time. 4 years later, we always stop in -- especially with out of towners. The cocktails are fantastic. We also got the steak on a hot stone and the chorizo.