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Jan 2, 2008 02:01 PM

Places to eat and see in Westin, MO

I've heard that there are some great B&B's there, a distillery, a winery or two and some fantastic pubs. Are there some great restaurants? Thinking about a weekend in the area, tell me about your Westin experience.

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  1. Where's Westin, Missouri? I've neever heard of it and I live in the state. If you'e referring to Montana, that would be MT, but I've never heard of Westin, MT either.

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      Weston, MO is Northwest of Kansas City, along the Missouri River. There are some B&B's there, antique shops, tea houses. A winery, and McCormick distillery. I've only been through a couple of times so I can't really give any recommendations. But its a nice day trip my wife and I.

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        You need to get out more! <g> Although it is Weston, not Westin.

      2. For a casual meal, The America Bowman is very good, try the Atlantic Salmon or Beef in Guinness, both are very good. Our kids love the fish and chips and the mac and cheese.

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          Bowman is good-I have friends that are always at O' Malley's, but I think it's more a bar. If you like wine, stop at the Pirtle Winery for a tasting. It's very casual and the people are super nice. Try the Mellow Red, I'm not into sweet wines at all, but I sure could drink an entire bottle real easy. Also the sparkling wines are tasty.

          If you can get away for a little, head to Atchison, KS, I think it's a 30 min. drive. You can visit the famous Nell Hill's store.

        2. We ate at the Vineyards for lunch and truly enjoyed it. Dinner at the America Bowman was also very good, followed by many an Irish Ale at O'Malley's. It was a good full day, filled in with window-shopping and Raspberry Mead purchases at Pirtle Winery.
          Weston is a great day trip!

          1. It's been a few years - but my husband and I always use to escape to Weston for a B&B weekend when our kids were really young.

            We'd drive in early on Saturday and browse through the shops for a bit and grab lunch (and a couple of pints) at the Bowman/O'Malley's. As Irishbeer4me stated, the Beef in Guinness is always very good. I order it every time we go.

            Then we spend the afternoon perusing more shops w/ a stop at Pirtle and/or Maggie's Attic for wine tasting.

            We usually have supper at the Vineyards, but the Avalon is lovely, as well.

            If we weren't too knackered - we'd stop back at O'Malley's for a few more pints.

            Now that I'm taking about it, I think I might need to schedule another weekend there - it's been far too long.

            1. It pains me to say this....but a recent trip to Weston was not as fantastic as weekends past. Some of our favorite shops were gone....Currant Cottage & Maggie's Attic for instance (I knew that the Maggie's Attic people had opened Cellars & Loft in Brookside - I did NOT know that they had closed up the place in Weston - apparently some sort of rent/space issue). The remaining shops seemed a pale comparison to their former selves. Except for The Celtic Ranch - but that could have been the mood given the St. Patrick's Day weekend (if they only would have had those wicked green cowboys boots in a size 8 - d@mmit!).

              Dinner at The Bowman (attached to O'Malley's Pub) was a bit of a disappointment. Our service was, as usual, outstanding. The Beef in Guinness was ok - not the excellent dish of previous meals. And the fish & chips were incredibly greasy - it almost made beer drinking an impossibility (yikes!).

              HOWEVER, we had a blast at O'Malley's Pub. The music (Bob Reeder & Ellis Island) were highly entertaining. The service - excellent. A good time was had by all.

              We did have a nice weekend overall - it was nice to get away. But - besides the brilliant time at O'Malley's - I can't say I would recommend a weekend getaway with much ferver.

              That being said....I will definitely be back for the Irish Fest in October.

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                Yes, the Irish Fest was great fun this last year! And the corned beef and apple dumplings were both surprisingly excellent. But, everyone's forgetting the coolest part of O'Malley's... the building! It used to be part of the Underground Railroad, and it is awesome just to look at!