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Over time I've narrowed down my one hard liquor sipping preference to tequila. Something about its earthiness, almost a saltwater undertone. Just a few small sips goes a long way. I just returned from San Sebastian Mexico and bought a couple of bottles from a small "artisan" producer - Parador San Sebastian. Both a blue agave reposado and a raicilla reposado. Both are very good. I tend to prefer the flavor of reposados over an anejo.

Any recommendations for good reposados, ones that are no so well known but still findable in most large cities?

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  1. I like Frida Kahlo Reposado.

    1. I'm more of a blanco fan, but here are some suggestions:
      Value pick - Cazadores (at Cost Co.)

      Siete Leguas
      Penca Azul
      Don Alejo
      Oro Azul
      Los Azulejos

      1. I'm going to Mexico shortly. I've been to the border towns and brought back tequila in the car. How do you bring it back via plane? Do you have to declare it/pay taxes? Sorry for my ignorance.

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          I just checked it in my bag. You tell them in Mexico at the airport when they search your bag and it's no problem. Same for arrival in the US. I believe legally you can bring back two 750 ml bottles.

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            Exactly as he says. I think the exact laws are 1 liter total but typically they will let you through. Additionally, if you want to bring back larger amounts, you could always declare it and simply pay the tax on them.

        2. Pueblo Viejo and Viuda de Romero are fine reposados and affordable.These are much better than Cazadores, which is very popular but not a good sipping tequila. I also like Don Valente and Insignia's reposados.These are all members of my collection.La Cava de Don Agustin and Revolucion deserve a mention, too.

          Pueblo Viejo is my preferred reposado for everyday use.It's delicious, sophisticated, and inexpensive, from the great tequila city of Tepatitlan,Jalisco.

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            I would hardly call Viuda de Romero a "fine reposado". It's decent for a mixto, but if you're going to sip tequila, spend the few dollars more on something that is truly tequila and made entirely from agave.

          2. I was saying it is "fine" to drink on a regular basis, regardless of specs.I like 3 Reyes Joven and Jarro Viejo's Oro, which are also mixtos.I don't prefer these over my Selecion Suprema, Gran Conquistador, San Matias Reserva, or Aha! Toro for sipping, but they are good and appropriate for different occasions.Viuda de Romero is a reposado that I enjoy and I can share it with fellow tequilero's and novices alike, and have found it well received.It is also easier to replace than my more expensive reposados and anejos.If it wasn't a good drinking/sipping tequila it would go on my margarita shelf with the Hornitos and the Cazadores.I hope this clarifies my semantic error.

            I also have the 7 Leguas and the Azulejos reposados, which are great.

            Have you tried the Tapatio Blanco?It's my favorite blanco at present.It's very smoky and full bodied.

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              Haven't tried the Tapatio, but I'll look out for it, thanks. So many tequilas, so little time...

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                My two favorite reposados are Cazadores and Partida. Both are extremely smooth and perfect for sipping.

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                I live in Florida, does anyone know where I might purchase Tapatio Blanco and have it shipped? Thanks for all responses

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                  I haven't run into Tapatio blanco here in LA.It's not on the list at the Wine and Liqour Depot, which has one of the best collections here in LA.I bought my bottle at Leyva's on Revolucion Ave. in Tijuana. I will keep my eye out for it.Anyone else seen Tapatio blanco at a store in LA?

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                  I think Viuda de Romero is an all-agave tequila, at least the reposado that I have. I agree that there are better ones, my favorite is probably Herradura reposado, and I tend to use the VdR for mixing.

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                    VdR is a mixto; but if you're going to go that route, it's probably one of the best out there.

                3. I enjoy Espolon, though I don't know if the cat is out of the bag on it yet.

                  1. What about Patron? I find it to be delicious, but it seems to be way overpriced. Anything comparable for less money? I particularly like the blancos myself.

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                      Patron is the "go-to" premium tequila, but there's really nothing special about it. At one time, it was produced in a traditional, artisanal method, but now it's mass produced.

                      For the money, Herradura blanco is great and Siete Leguas is exceptional. Also, I just tried Corzo over the weekend and it rocks.

                      Really, the best way is to find a tequila bar and taste and find what you like best.

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                        I was wondering about Corzo. I tried it and understood being able to sip tequila (never had "good" stuff before) so I was wondering if that was really a peak one or if there were better ones to try. Not a big bacardi fan with rum, so I wasn't sure if I should gauge them on tequila. Still their Corzo is better than any of the rums I've tried

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                          I'm really into Corzo Reposado. I like it's smoky smoothness. However—the beauty of the bottle is not in its function. It pours from a spout like that on a modern tub and usually spills a bit. If anyone has a tip for better handling, I'm all ears. I do like the stuff inside the bottle.

                    2. OK, I know this sounds like a gimmick (along the lines of "Cabo Wabo"), but it's not . . .

                      In Todos Santos (Baja), there is a hotel, restaurant and bar named Hotel California. They claim to be THE "Hotel California" of the song -- see http://www.todossantos-baja.com/todos... -- but whether it's actually true or not, I can't say.

                      Regardless, the restaurant is pretty good, but the bar is wonderful! Small, intimate, with good music, a good selection of both cigars and Tequilas . . . including the "house" tequila: Hotel California 100% blue agave Resposado. They have a small cask of it on the bar that one can sample. I don't know who REALLY makes it (obviously you cannot distill agave in Todos Santos and call it Tequila), but it is REALLY good. Brought back a bottle of it from there, and I've never seen it anywhere else.

                      1. Dos manos anejo is pretty life changing

                          1. Don Julio Reposado is without question my favorite, I just really enjoy it.

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                              Ah, see my comment on the other tequila thread. This is more accurate: without question your favorite is different than without question the best. Anyway, maybe I should try the reposado, since I've only had the blanco...

                              1. re: MichaelG

                                >>> without question your favorite is different than without question the best. <<<

                                But there is no best. There is only one's own favorite.

                            2. I don't sip tequila too often, but I do keep two in my cabinet that I do enjoy sipping on occasion: Milagro and Corralejo.


                              1. My favourites are Don Eduardo, El Tesoro, Chinaco, Don Julio, and Quita Penas.