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Jan 2, 2008 01:37 PM

banh mi in DC

I have a hankering for this yummy sandwich for lunch. Any recs for downtown or short hop on Metro from L'Enfant plaza?


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  1. No, but I noticed in the Washington Post's In and Out list for 2008 that panini is out and banh mi is in. Maybe one of those sandwich shops around L'Enfant Plaza will start making them. ;)

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    1. re: MikeR

      I'd be happy with something other than fast food, food by the pound and cafeterias.

    2. The vietnamese place next to Chinatown Express on 6th has them (or so their sign says) - I've never tried the place, but if you go let us know if they are any good!

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      1. re: scotcheroo

        Is this right? I tried to get one today, in a vietnamese place two doors south of Chinatown Express - the only vietnamese place I saw on the block - but they don't make banh mi, and the man told me that there used to be such a place but it shut down. But maybe I was within yards of banh mi and just missed it?!

        1. re: sheldman

          The place I think you all are talking about is down 2 steps, and the last time I was there, October, they had a sign advertising sandwichs. Maybe they have changed, since pho is the big seller there, but I had an excellent bank mi for $2.25, although I had to wait for a while. I'd be disappointed if they are not offering it.