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Jan 2, 2008 01:34 PM

Toscano Salami in DC?

Anyone know where I can buy this delicious salami locally?

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  1. Well if locally for you includes a side trip to Baltimore's Harbor East neighborhood, the new Italian restaurant Cinghiale slices their homemade Tuscan salami for delicious consumption daily. I've only had it to eat there -- not sure about "take-out" options.

    1. Are you referring to a brand name? In Tuscany, there is a great variety of salumi--different styles, different tastes, different textures.

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        The Italian Store in Arlington has (or did have) an imported sopressata, which they eat in Tuscany. I seem to recall that the brand was Vismara, which I believe comes from northern Lazio and thus would be almost Tuscan.

        I think the salumi at Arrowine is domestic, although quite good.

        Actually, if it's good, I don't care whether it is domestic or imported.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Cornnacopia in Bethesda has outstanding high quality italian deli meats and cheeses, Dean and Delucca, Balducci's

          1. Cowgirl Creamery downtown carries the Fra'Mani line, and Arrowine has at least one or two of its products. My Italian friends (including chefs) say it's the best around. I agree it's certainly good. Call to see what Cowgirl has in stock because it sells out quickly.