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Mobile knife sharpening..Dallas

I could swear I saw a little red truck with the words "Knife Sharpening" driving on Garland Rd. about 2 months ago. Does anyone know what company this is?

I got a new knife (7" Global..I LOVE IT) for Christmas and want to have it professionally sharpened when the time comes..whenever that is!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are not going to sharpen it yourself, then any of the places in the malls that used a water cooled sharpening system are reasonable. Now if you want a really good job done there is an old German guy in Richardson that sharpens scalpels for doctors.

    1. I've been out of the business for several years but there used to be a guy in the East Dallas-Garland area who did just that. Our staff typically took care of their own so we never used him more than a couple of times.

      If my aging mind can recall the company's name, I'll post it.

      1. I use Rolling Stone and have great luck with him. Mobile truck with many "kitchen toys" available. More professional oriented, but you might be able to meet him at one of his stops, as he covers a lot of ground. Phone # is 214-701-5564.

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        1. While shopping in Joann's Fabrics on Mockingbird during the holidays, I noticed a sign that the traveling sharpener would be there, I think, on January 7th. The sign noted he would be doing scissors and knives.

          While I haven't used this service in Dallas, the fabric store I shopped at previously had an excellent sharpener. I had my professional fabric shears and several kitchen knives taken care of. The guy typically made his round about every three months or so.

          You might try giving the store a call for more information if interested.

          1. Please let us know who you end up using and if you are happy with their work. I have a set of Globals that I'm very protective of. I've been given so much incorrect information from high end kitchen stores about the best way to sharpen that I'm about ready to ship these to Global in NY to have them done. I'd much rather find someone local who knows what they are doing and is familar with Japanese knives.

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              Know what you mean! I just got this one and I'm already protective of it! I'll post when I find someone. Also, thanks all of you for the recommendations. I appreciate it very much.

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                We go to the guy in willow Bend mall. His shop is near Dillards and his name is Karl. He does a great job and he is very reasonable.

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                  Yep that's the same guy I go to if I am not doing my own sharpening. He has a water cooled sharperning system and does a great job.

                  I have also used the German guy in Richardson, all though it's a bit cloak and dagger... You have to leave your knife by the door .. there is a complete process for delivery and pickup.

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                    Where would I go in Richardson to have the German guy sharpen my knives? Does he have a name or a webpage?


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                      Call Karl at Cutlery Collection in Shops@WillowBend 469-366-4496. He does all my Japanese cutlery, Wusthofs, and Shun for me and he does it by hand! Franz in Richardson, not sure if he is still there or even alive!!, was always so covert and under the radar that I gave up on him years ago when I found Mr. Karl!

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                    I also go to the guy at Willow Bend and he does a fantastic job and is very reasonable. I had one of those traveling knife people (Sharper Edges) do my knives one time and a couple of the knives were shaved too much. Karl in Willow Bend fixed them for me.

              2. I know this is an old post but I thought I would let you guys know what I use to sharpen my Global's. (which I am also very protective of) There is a product called the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker that does a beautiful job of keeping my knives razor sharp. The Sharpmaker comes with 2 sets of stones and a video that explains the correct way to use the product. The video is great and will have you sharpening your knives in no time - I wish I had discovered this easy to use device years ago! (they run about 50 bucks and worth every penny of it)

                Here's a demo on you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yVN9l...

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                  Thank you so much!

                  Offtopic: so weird! I have not been on this board in a loooong time. Check it today and boom! There's my knife sharpening question! haha

                2. I moved away from Dallas in 1995 and returned and in need of some sharpening. Thanks to this board I found the sharpener that I used before I left! Karl owns Cutlery Collection in The Shops @ WillowBend Mall in Plano (469-366-4496). He has sharpened my knives going back to 1979 when he operated in the former Prestonwood Mall. Believe me folks, a talented sharpener is hard to find these days. My years in Calif did not turn up a decent one and my knives were in dire straits! Am semi-retired and only doing private gigs now but and sharp knife is a must in the kitchen! Karl does it all by hand--the old fashioned way! We visited for quite some time and he has grew his business to a multi-store chain and contracted down to one store where he can personally serve each customer. It was great to see a familiar face amongst all the changes in Dallas and I have this board to thank for that!
                  Thank You!