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Anybody know where I can get this "Ginger Soother"?


Its a drink from "The Ginger People" Company.

... I see one in my cousin's room right now and it kinda smells like Caribbean ginger beer...

I wanna try it. I assume places like Noah's Natural Foods have this item in the GTA area???

Anybody tried this drink yet?

> Where did you get it?

> How much?

> Taste good?


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  1. This is actually a candy that my local health food store carries and can be made into a drink by putting it in boiling water. Very soothing on the stomach to help with nausea. Kim

    1. Oh ya- it is about 3.00 for a bag of about 20 candies and the name of the health food store that carries it is called "Sangster's" Hope this helps, Kim(again)

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        Look at my link though... it seems like it actually comes in plastic bottled beverage format too.

        My cousin has the exact bottle on his desk right here... wow... I'm confused haha.

      2. Not what you're looking for, but something to try if you're into ginger: I recently had the "ginger tea" at that tea house a few doors down from Sneaky Dee's. The quote marks are because I'm not sure it's actually tea - but it's 100% delicious, with one helluva kick.

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          Cool I'll give it a shot when I'm in the area.

          Do they have it served cold with ice too???

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            You know, I've never checked - I always go when I want something warm. But it's worth asking if they'll do it.

        2. Pusateri's carries a lot of "Ginger People" company products. I'd try them.

          1. I don't know anything about the soother in your link, but there are a variety of "syrup teas" that should be available in any larger asian grocery.
            Something like the item in this link -

            1. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I LOVE ginger tea and I usually buy ginger tea mix from asian supermarkets when I'm too lazy to boil ginger in a pot. I like them a lot because many of them have just two ingredients: ginger and sugar. They look like rough little ginger crystals (kinda like raw sugar size) and you just need to mix it with some hot water. I suppose there are variations in the ginger%, but some brands taste better than others... you just have to try different boxes to see what you might like.

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                Check out that fresh juice place down in the lower level of St. L Mrkt. I remember having a really gingery Ginger People drink from there last summer.

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                  LAZY LAZY SUMASHI!! ;P

                  Just peel & slice a ginger root and boil the heck out of it. Then add sugar. Or honey. It's delicious and can be made as powerful as you like.

                  For desserty possibilities, make it really sweet and ladle it over some soft tofu or -- what I like best -- those glutinous rice flour (or yam flour) balls stuffed with peanuts/sesame. These you can get frozen.

                  For instant ginger drinks I like "Jahe Wangi" from Indonesia. Other ones I've tried haven't been as strong.

                2. uh...why don't you just ask your cousin?

                  1. I saw Ginger Soother drinks at Planet Organic the other day...


                    1. alright all. My cousin just bought me some of this stuff and...

                      MMMMMMMMMMM its good... kinda like a dif version of ginger beer.

                      mmmmmmmmmmm it has a honey taste to it too... mmmmmmmmm

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                        But where did your cousin buy it from?

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                          He told me some corner store downtown. Never told me the name of it. I'll ask him again when I see him.