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Jan 2, 2008 01:27 PM

Business Dinner near Encino

I will be visiting a client in Encino and am looking for a nice upscale restaurant in the area for a business dinner. Any suggestions? My co-worker and I will have to back drive down to San Diego that same evening, so maybe nothing that will last all night long as we will also have to fly back to MN the following day. Thanks for your help.

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    1. I second the Max recommendation.

      1. I 3rd Max. But if you prefer to stay in Encino (Max is in Sherman Oaks), there's always Delmonico's. Never been disappointed at the Encino location.

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          We'd loved Max before, but our last dinner there last month was less than stellar. It was a Sunday, maybe an off night, but not up to par. I live right near Delmonico's but haven't been in ages. they do draw a crowd. Also there's Pinot Bistro near Coldwater Canyon.Any of the 3 would be nice for your purposes.

        2. MAx
          Il Tiramisu (one of my personal faves)
          Alcazar (for something a little different!)
          Sushi 4 on 6
          La Frite
          Cafe Bizou
          Boneyard Bistro (another fave)

          1. a lot of really good suggestions here except for the fact that most of them are in sherman oaks and east of the 405 - which suggests a dearth of upscale places in encino proper - delmonico's and emilio's are nice enough - but someone needs to come along and put something great in along that stretch of ventura blvd West of Hayvenhurst - a new place went up near balboa, replacing an italian restaurant next to stevie's and johnny rocket's - anyone know about it?

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              It's called Mirage, and with those drapes on the patio, it looks to be either Persian or some form of Russian heritage.
              Then there is the old Greek Bistro further west, meaning of Louise, now called Old Kiev - no questions regarding it.
              Encino has always been the kiss of death for quality dining with most people opting to eat in a neighborhood that feels more neighborhoody, as in with smaller scaled buildings and more cohesion, hence Sherman Oaks, Studio City or Woodland Hills. Tarzana is trying to get there, but...