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Jan 2, 2008 01:27 PM

Seeking mid-Michigan, post-funeral chow

My first post! The family is gathering in Houghton Lake/Prudenville for a dear uncle's funeral tomorrow and Friday. We'd love a Thursday dinner (that's tomorrow!) that's local and tasty. Anyone?

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  1. G's pizza, in both Houghton Lake and West Branch. Also the Willow Tree (on the pricey side), between Houghton Lake and West Branch.

    ...I've never thought of HL as mid-Michigan. I consider that to be the Saginaw area, which I why I didn't respond to this earlier.

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    1. re: rweater

      Thanks, rweater. We ended up at Limberlost, a vast warehouse of a place with cook-your-own steaks (I opted to let the staff do it). So-so at best. G's would have been better. We like their flagship in West Branch.

      1. re: smager54

        <<six months later>>

        I didn't know the Limberlost did the cook-your-own steak thing. I agree, the food there is so-so at best (or at least it was the last time I ate there). Unfortunately, it's one of the few places where you can sit and eat overlooking the lake.