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Mar 13, 2001 03:46 PM

Westside lunch for 8-10?

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Hey there Angelenos -- I have a bunch of friends getting together for lunch next Saturday. We're coming from the Valley, South Bay and Westside, so I'm looking for a lunch place with EASY parking that's a short hop from the 405 or 10 fwys. We're all a little tired of the deli schtick, and we're all women so we like sweets. Any good suggestions for a place that can seat 8-10 without too long a wait?

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  1. Pentola on Wilshire between the Promenade and 4th St. They have valet parking and take reservations.

    1. Might give the new Cafe Bizou in Santa Monica a try. It's spacious with several large tables, take reservations, with FREE valet parking. I'm just not sure of their desserts. I've listed their website link below that includes menu and map.


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        a great place called hydrant Cafe they have a great lunch of upscale sandwiches and salads great coffee drinks and amazing iced blendeds and smooties the place is wonderful the staff is friendly and the food portions are huge...definately a place to check out...and I forgot to mention you can bring your dog!!!!