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Favorite Chewy Foods?

I love chewy foods...the chewier the better...my favorites are:

teriyaki beef jerky
vegetarian beef jerky
grilled tripe
grilled chicken er, gizzards? (korean dakdongjip)
pho w/ tendon
jjolmyun (korean noodles)
now and laters candy
sugar babies
i also love gnawing on the cartilage from chicken wings, though i'm not sure that quite qualifies as 'chewy'

so what are your favorite chewy foods?

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  1. squid, chicken hearts bbq'ed

    any cut of meat with i guess "grisly" parts? i don't really know what those are but always enjoy them

    agreed on cartilages -- too bad it seems to freak out (sound) most other people
    oh! and maybe it's unsafe, but undercooked bacon, or thick cut hungarian bacon -- so chewy so salty

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    1. re: olia

      i forgot about chewy undercooked bacon...yum! that's what i always figured they meant about 'chewing the fat', because i could gnaw on that for hours...:o)

      1. re: soypower

        Oh yes- when my dad the butcher would bring home bacon with the skin on we would be chewing on the skin part for most of the morning. The bacon was well cooked, but the slices were thick so the skin remained chewy.

    2. Squid, a good bagel, those cheap 'sour bears' from the drug store, and frozen caramels.

      TMJ be damned.

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      1. re: corgette

        Yeah, ow, my jaw hurts just reading this thread.

        But, I'll add red swedish fish.

      2. stir fried chewy rice cake in korean and chinese foods
        tendon/gristle in any soup or marinated chinese style
        chicken gizzards

        1. Caramel

          Chinese nian gao

          Dried cuttle fish

          Dried apricots and persimmons

          Soft granola

          Bubble gum

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            i forgot about dried cuttle fish! i also like dried file fish...it's even chewier than jerky. :o)

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Ditto ipsedixit's first 3 (geez - are we related? ;) )

              1. re: notmartha

                We're the same person ... after all, you're "notmartha" right? :-)

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  True.. Now I am talking to myself. 8)

            2. Haribo gummy bears

              Wheat berries

              1. Charleston Chew candy bars. You could lose a tooth on one of those things, but they're so good!

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                1. re: spellweaver16

                  oh such a good memory from childhood ! We used to get one of these at the movie theatre, and take part home and put it in the freezer to crack and eat. !!

                2. sugar babies
                  sugar daddies
                  slow pokes (like sugar daddies but slimmer and 10 times better)
                  anything gummy
                  chocolate covered gummy bears
                  popcorn balls (yeah they crunch too)
                  now and laters
                  any taffy
                  tootsie rolls

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                  1. re: bremfoodie

                    cinnamon bears.

                    i read some report from last year's all candy expo that they have come out with chewy atomic fireballs and have only spotted them ONE place online. If anyone has a source, hook me up.

                    we found the caramel apple sugar babies in my super small hometown in NW MN.. nothing in the metro where we live.. so maybe someone has a hoard of chewy fireballs they're willing to share??

                    1. re: reannd

                      as far as chewy atomic fireballs, i think you might mean the gimbal lava balls...be warned, they are extremely hot!


                  2. remember kookoo's?

                    Mike and Ike's are by far my favorite non-chocolate candy. I can't bring em in the house.

                    A nearby farmer's market used to sell a candied maple smoked salmon that was to die for.....but the guy stopped making it.

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                    1. re: im_nomad

                      I"m exactly the same way with Hot Tamales. Can't bring 'em in and can't eat just one. Ditto on the Tootsie Rolls.

                    2. I'm not a huge fan of chewy foods in general, but I do love my bagels, taro cakes, dried figs and tofu skin rolls.

                        1. Trader Joes has ginger candy that's wonderfully chewy and hot. I can't get enough of them.

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                          1. re: Judith

                            I can't agree more! I have a secret stash of them on my desk at work for when I need my fix.

                          2. Dried apple rings - simply addictive and no sugar too.

                            1. I love mochi Grilled or in soup, I love them all!

                              And caramel toffee! I only hate it when I go to my dentist...

                              1. I really like chewy bread. It's probably not pastry perfect, but I love it. Chewy sourdough is the best.

                                Runner up - saltwater taffy and milk duds

                                1. Anybody else addicted to Goldenberg's Peanut Chews? I can't even walk down that aisle in Duane Reade!

                                  1. concur with others' picks for sugar babies (sooo much better than daddy!), tootsie rolls (the vanilla minis especially), and hot tamales...

                                    abba zabba (reminds me of my daddy)
                                    fast break
                                    oatmeal cooked w/ LOTS of water and cinnamon til gummy... same done with soy grits
                                    also, barley cooked with lots and lots of water to become gooey and chewy
                                    jarlsberg or gruyere nuked in the micro til just a bit melty and chewy
                                    mini candy bars (esp musketeers) nuked in the micro til they melt and get chewy
                                    shirataki noodles
                                    spicy turkey jerky at whole foods