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Jan 2, 2008 01:03 PM

Brooklyn Burger, Park Slope: ugh

I don't know what I was thinking going to this place again. I was craving a burger and instead of opting with the far better 12th st bar burger I strolled into this meat mockery. I had the "Brooklyn Burger" with caramelized onions, mozarella and a side of shoe string fries. The onions were far too sweet and saw no point of having cheese because I couldn't see or taste it. The meat tasted like meat as in bland, unflavored, bland, chunk of "black angus". Did I mention it was bland? The fries were so thin and over cooked they tasted like bottom of the fryer fries, which I do like in very small quantities for some variety but not for my entire meal EVER. I wanted to flavor the meat myself with salt and pepper but there was only salt and no pepper on any table in sight. The service was crap for a 3pm and mainly empty place. I had been there once before and was completely dissatisfied and should have stuck with that first time opinion to avoid this place. I really hope it closes soon. It's not that hard to make a burger let alone a good one...I just don't get it. If anyone has any suggestions on a decent burger in the vicinity do tell.

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  1. You said it yourself, 12 St Bar & Grill. Johnny Macks' burger is surprisingly not bad either, across the avenue. They also offer some offbeat draft selections such as Radeburger Pils which I have not seen poured in this country.

    1. Bonnie's, all roads lead to Bonnie's . . .
      you might want to do a search on this board -- this is a topic that has been well covered

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      1. re: pitu

        Thanks. To me Bonnie's = WINGS :-)

        1. re: manco

          bonnie's ='s BOTH.

          burgers & wings. oh yeah.

          BBB sucks.