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Jan 2, 2008 01:02 PM

Restaraunts on the Maryland Eastern Shore????

Does anyone know anything about the restaraunts Rustico in Stevensville Maryland? and/or Cafe Sado in Chester Maryland?

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  1. Rustico is excellent!!! Heard Sado is worthy as well. Rustico is Italian, nice atmosphere and bar area with food service as well. Quality food.

    1. Had dinner at Cafe Sado for the first time this evening. Nice atmosphere. Excellent menu. Nice winelist. The service was very attentive, but not overly-interruptive. Food was very good overall. Nothing was outstanding, but nothing was bad either. For appetizers, we had a nice seared scallop w/pesto dish, a special spicy tuna roll, and an interesting lobster item that looked like it was a haystack. For main courses, we had their special black cod (steamed in champagne) w/blood oranges and kobe steak. The cod was excellent. The kobe steak was OK - not as tender as it should have been (actually, I am not sure it was really Kobe beef, as it did not appear to be sufficiently marbled - just a guess though). One pet peeve - the main course was served before the appetizer plates were cleared...

      For a new restaurant in an area known for fast food & crab houses, this place is a very welcome addition, and I plan to return and try other items on the menu that piqued my curiosity.

      1. If you're looking for really good, fresh sushi, cafe sado is the place to go. We have been there three times over a span of several months and each time the sushi has been excellent. The sado roll is a favorite along with the spicy tuna and chesapeake roll. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the men making the sushi are very polite and outgoing. The only complaint that we have had each time we've been there is with the waitstaff. Each time, we have had our whole dinner planned out before we've even been asked for our drink order. The first time we ate there we ordered meso soup and never received it and had to ask several times for another drink. It's unfortunate that the waitstaff ruins the experience because the sushi cooks do an excellent job.

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