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Mar 13, 2001 10:41 AM

Where to find Rodenbach in LA?

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Like the subject line says -- I'm wonderin' where to track down that Belgian nectar (of course, on tap would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath for that one....). All I've seen around is Chimay this, Chimay that, some Duvel, and assorted sundry other Belgians, but there's a soft spot in my heart for that mouth-puckering wonder that is Rodenbach. Any leads?

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  1. Have you tried the Yard House in Long Beach? They have a ton of beers on tap. A helpful hint, however: If there is something specific that you are craving, call and make sure that they have it on the day you are going. They don't always have all 250 beers/ales in stock ... a frustrating lesson that I have learned.

    A much smaller, and more quaint place may have it as well: The Abbey on Main Street in Seal Beach. It is worth calling there. They do cool beers and wines ... this is the place where I learned to love Maredsous. Besides, their food is GREAT - not your typical bar food. I am living in San Francisco now, and one of the places that I truly miss is The Abbey ...

    Good luck in your quest.


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      Thanx for the leads on the draught version. Tho' I'd be satisfied with plain old bottled Rodenbach for the time being! Any good sources for the bottles?

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        The best places to find Belgians on tap are the following: Lucky Baldwin's - on Raymond/Colorado in Old Town Pasadena. They just had their annual Belgian Beer Festival. He had about 40 taps going of very obscure Belgians including K-8 and 3 versions of Cantillon. Dave is the owner and Belgians are his favorite. Rodenbach is on tap frequently. The other place is The Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel on Las Tunas. Sam is the owner. He has 4 constantly changing taps and 800 bottles for sale. Take out beer also. You have to eat to drink though. Only other idea is Library Alehouse in Santa Monica or BJ's Brewpub in Woodland Hills. BJ's always has some Belgians available.

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        Check out Vanberg & DeWulf's site for Rodenbach info. There should be an email contact so you can ask about draft in your area.