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Jan 2, 2008 12:43 PM

Pizza in Buenos Aires - leaving BA Tomorrow

Two nights to go, our friends back home suggested not to miss the steaks and the Pizza. The first one was covered. Let's see how fast and responsive the board can be... Best Pizza in BA. Even better if it is in or near Palermo.
Thank you

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  1. replying, tho not sure if I'll be a lot of help -- thinking you may already have left BA, plus my two suggestions are in Centro, and not anyway near Palermo. oh well - here they are anyway!
    Guerrin - Corrientes 1368 nr Uruguay
    Cuartetas - Corrientes at Maipu
    Both are on the right side if you are walking toward Centro & Puerto Madero. IMO, Cuartetas has the better pizza, but Guerrin serves the better draft beer!

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      Thanks a million. We ended up going to Morelia in Palermo Hollywood. (they have another location in Las Canillas).
      Excellent pizza. We ordered 3 pies. Two on the grill and one "A La Piedra". We all agreed the two done in the parrilla was better.
      You can always the walk the pizza down strolling through Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood