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Mar 13, 2001 09:38 AM

sushi nozawa

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I have been here numerous times for lunch, but never for dinner. Is lunch and dinner virtually the same or do the serve certain special and exotic sushi/sashimi at dinner that they don't offer at lunch. Thanks in advance

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  1. You get the same stuff at both lunch and dinner. Because Sushi Nozawa serves primarily a non-Japanese clientele, you don't get much "exotic" stuff at either meal. Ankimo (monkfish liver) and uni (sea urchin roe)are about as exotic as it gets at Nozawa. If you want shira-uo (whitebait), abalone stomach, grated yamaimo (mountain potato) with ikura, or shirako (cod sperm sacs), you'll have to go to a place like Tsujiki or Tsukasa, both of which serve a predominantly Japanese clientele.