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Mar 12, 2001 11:18 PM

fred 62 diner

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is the place still good. have'nt been there in a year or so. wondering if it's still worth returning if it was as good as before.

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  1. Fred 62 is a place I want to love, but keep having bad dates. I have a very warm spot in my heart for Fred Eric and his imaginative, whimsical approach to food. When Fred is good, he’s very, very good, and I’ve had some memorable dishes at Vida, his restaurant on Hillhurst Ave. But I’ve also had dishes at Vida that I’d just as soon forget. In my experience, consistency is not Fred’s long suit, but at least at Vida the successes occur frequently enough to balance out the failures and keep me coming back. I’ve tried Fred 62 about a half-dozen times or so, and I just can’t find a reason to go back there. The sandwiches aren’t very good, and not nearly as good as those at nearby Mustard Seed or Say Cheese. A drive to Jay’s at Virgil and Santa Monica, or better yet, to Cassell’s at 6th and Vermont will result in a much better burger. The Asian dishes on the menu aren’t a match for what’s available in nearby Thai Town. And every time I’ve been to Fred 62, the service has been absolutely atrocious. But the décor is cool and if you want to soak up the East Hollywood/Silverlake vibe, Fred 62 is a good place to do so. If only the food and service were better. Pepper, I’m sure, will argue that I’m missing the forest for the trees. But, for me, the ambience, as good as it feels, just isn’t enough.

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    1. re: Tom Armitage

      All you people who posted replies before me seemed to have missed the best two dishes on Fred 62's menu.

      1. For breakfast served on weekdays till noon and weekends till 3PM you must try the Pancakes tatin. They are amazing...pancakes as big as the plate...home-made carmelized apples within...served with fresh whipped cream and real maple syrup. Oh what a start to a morning or to whenever you can get them. Yum, Yum, Yum. Really... Don't miss out.

      2. Thai Cobb Salad...mmmmmmmmmmmm.

      Julienned everything, fresh spinach, arugala, papaya strips, tomato, onion, bits of bacon, and bits of crunchy fried noodles (like you put in wonton soup, and hard boiled egg laden with an underlying dressing made of mayonaise,some sort of hot sauce, and other delicious unknown ingredients.

      At first sight the salad looks like some sort of weird
      lasagna, as it is presented all piled up neatly and tidily in a beautiful rectangular design. But then you mix up all the ingredients on you plate and it magically becomes a salad. People who are eating next to me at the counter, always ask what it is I am eating
      and I just know that the next time they order at Fred 62 they will have the Thai Cobb Salad. Don't be a stranger...go to Fred's soon!

      1. re: Tom Armitage

        Oh, I soooooo agree with you. I live within walking distance of F62 and want to love it...but IT SUCKS. The food is mediocre and the service is TERRIBLE. Fred - OPEN YOUR EYES! You could be great if you gave a damn.

      2. h

        I agree entirely with Tom's assessment. A friend and I once left Fred 62 at 3AM and went down the street to a Denny's which had better service.

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        1. re: highendpalate

          "I agree entirely with Tom's assessment. A friend and I once left Fred 62 at 3AM and went down the street to a Denny's which had better service."

          I agree with your sentiment, with two reservations:

          1) One time a friend and I went to Fred62 for breakfast and service was actually pretty good. Of course, the place was almost empty at the time. Otherwise, the staff seemed more interested in conversing among themselves than in, you know, taking order from the customers.

          2) there is no Denny's "down the street" from Fred 62. The nearest ones are at Sunset & Wilton, and Wilshire & Western. Perhaps you were invoking poetic license. Or maybe at 3 in the morning, a couple of miles including a right turn seemed like "down the street"

          1. re: Muskrat

            There might well have been a "Denny's down the street" from Fred 62 eight years ago when highendpalate wrote that.

            1. re: Servorg

              FWIW, I've lived walking distance from Fred 62 since 1997. The nearest Denny's are the ones at Sunset and Wilton and one on Vermont near the 101, both about a mile-and-a-half away (the one on Western is farther). There hasn't been a Denny's within walking distance for at least that long.

        2. I've been twice and twice I've been able to try a variety of the dishes. They are boring and the faux Asian food is execrable. What was the fuss about?

          1. I know people who love 62 and want to go there all the time, but I find the food uninspiring. It's not even a great hang in that 'hood...Home on Hillhurst is better for that. The wait staff is notoriously slow/incompetent and the specials rarely change, which is hardly special. It's a pity, cause it's a great location and a nice design, but so little going on.

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              No more YUHPPIES

              This place crawls with YUHPPIES (Young Urban Hipster Professionals)! And the food is POOR for being so completely overpriced. And the waiters SUCK! Go someplace else, you'll be glad you did!

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                Not "YUHPPIES". "SYIUPpies"(Stupid Young Ignorant Urban Professionals).

                I said it first.