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Jan 2, 2008 11:53 AM

Bad brunch at Miriam

I've only ate there twice for dinner and had decent, if not pleasant meals both times, but yesterday's brunch was unbelieveably bad and service was laughable. We sat at the bar for brunch and when we ordered wine our glasses were filled 1/4 of the way (until another bartender came along and agreed to fill them to at least half). Our entrees were served to the diners next to us, and were both were cold and inedible. My salmon omlette was overcooked and the steak and eggs consisted of a tiny steak so small it could be hidden under a single fried egg. As we were getting ready to leave and asked for the check they brought our appetizer--and once again gave it to the people next to us before figuring out their error.

At least they were consistently bad all across that board. Is their brunch generally this bad?

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  1. the service can be pretty bad. i used to go there only because there wasnt a wait like other places on 5th during prime brunch time. now, apparently all the hippies love the faux israeli food i guess.

    i usually stick with eggs and bacon...its barely tolerable.

    1. Were you at the 5th avenue or Court Street location? I've never been to 5th avenue, but usually enjoy brunch at Court St. Service can definitely be hit or miss, but I get the goat cheese and spinach omlette or the Israeli breakfast and I'm usually not disappointed.