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Jan 2, 2008 11:46 AM

Making Reservations Paris

Hi, we are going to Paris at the beginning of February and we want to eat at La Fontaine De Mars and Au Fil des Saisons. How far in advance will we need reservations? Does anyone have any suggestions for great fois gras?

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  1. I've made same day (or perhaps one day early) reservations for Fontaine du Mars with no problem. I still can't believe I paid 36E for my sole muniere there. I much prefered the restaurant on the other side of the fountain-Les Fables de la Fontaine.

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      Agree with christy319. Prices at La Fontaine de Mars are ways too high for what you get. No fixed price menus. Very mediocre food. The place has been off my list for ages already.
      Go the Christian Constant's places instead all on Rue Saint-Dominique (Les Fables, Les Cocottes, Le Café or then, Le Violon d'Ingres*). Le Café has been closed these days for renovation, but should be open again.

      Foie gras can be found on the menu of lots of places, also the brasseries like La Rotonde in Montparnasse (6th arr.).