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Jan 2, 2008 11:40 AM

Bin 8945 - What gives?

My girlfriend and I went to Bin 8945 hoping to try their tasting menu and enjoy some wine. When I looked at the menu there was no mention of tasting menus, and when I asked the server, I was told that they could do a 5-course meal for $120. That is a far cry from what their own website seems to indicate (10 courses for $105) The wine list was also presented to us as a guide, not really the true list. Odd.

The food was pretty good, especially the fish tacos, but I was pretty disappointed that their website was so misleading. Had I known what the deal was, I would have chosen another place to go since I was really looking for a tasting menu.

Anybody know what is going on here?

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  1. The restaurant is in the middle of being sold. That could explain a lot.

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Seriously? Didn't this place just open? I remember reading great things about the duck fat fries, and other glowing reviews, and figured I'd make it there one of these days.

      2. I had a pig-based tasting menu there last year (think it was a seasonal Sunday night special) and was incredibly disappointed. The skin on the pork belly was so hard that it literally could not be chewed without breaking a tooth, and the overall quality did not suggest that it was a great value meal in comparison to similarly priced nice restaurants in the area. I'm not sure that we'll be missing anything when it goes.

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          1. Both the owner (Haskell) and chef (Bryant) are leaving Bin8945 to open up a new restaurant, Keg & Barrell.

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              Good to hear...where is this new restaurant going to be?

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                  I read that article and am more confused. When I went there (Dec 21), and asked about a tasting menu, they seemed to want to steer me away from getting one, and also they had to check in back to make sure that they could actually do one. Add that to the fact that they doubled the price and halved the amount of food compared to what their website advertises, I can see why this place was empty on a Friday night. I also did ask, and Chef Bryant was working that night. I'm not sure what that article is referring to, nor can I understand how a 5-course $120 tasting menu could be "well-received".

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