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Mar 12, 2001 02:53 PM

Ike Sushi report

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I had a "nice" dinner at Ike Sushi (corner of Gower and Hollywood in Hollywood) on Friday night, and I don't believe I've seen anything on the place here's my quickie review for posterity.

All my sushi newbie friends like Ike, and I think I finally figured out why: the menu is short, sweet and not very "adventurous." There are about a dozen items from the kitchen, half of them miso soup variations and tempura; the sushi menu is maybe 12-16 kinds of fish and a couple basic rolls. There were no specials listed on the menu, and we had to ask around to figure them out (chalk it up to the language barrier, certainly not rudeness or ignorance - the staff was perfectly nice). The specials were grilled squid and spicy tuna roll.

We ordered the following: a good seafood sunomono salad (tho the shrimp was bland and rubbery there was lots more good stuff in there), assorted sushi, the squid special and regular tuna rolls. The sushi and rolls were excellent - great quality fish once we got past that yucky shrimp; the squid was pretty good but almost too simple.

Overall, I guess Ike's MO is that they have a small restaurant that does only a few, very basic things...but does them pretty well. I think I made a mistake by sitting at a table. Next time it'll be the sushi bar for sure. And I'll be sticking with a "sushi/sashimi only" policy. Also, Ike's is a small place - reservations on a weekend are probably advisable.

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    Vanessa On the Town

    Shhhhhhhh...don't tell people about it. It'll get overrun by people who don't even get it. Ike's is one of the best traditional style sushi places without charging Matsuhisa prices. The fish quality is always excellent. Forget the fancy rolls, Ike is real. But the regulars will get mad if it gets too popular. So, if people want fancy rolls and a hip scene, don't go to Ike's, stick to Crazy Fish.