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Jan 2, 2008 11:28 AM

Vegetarian dining options in So. Fla

I'm planning to travel home in a few months to visit family in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I've lived on the West Coast for the past 7 years, and since moving westward I've gone vegetarian (and yes, that means no fish or chicken/beef stock). I've been to Sublime, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend other veg-friendly restaurants in the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood/Miami area? I don't want to be stuck with chomping on salad for 7 days straight!

Many thanks!

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  1. and my post seemed to post 3 times... Sorry!

    1. Here are a couple very recent posts on Miami area:

      Others can hopefully fill in some Broward options as well (I don't get up that way often).

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        Thanks, Frodnesor! I'm hoping others have some more suggestions north of Miami. We're staying off of 17th Street in Ft. Lauderdale, so it'd be great to have some nearby restaurant options without having to drive down south aways. I remember that Mark's on Las Olas normally has a few veggie options, so that might be a good place for a nice night out. But if anyone has suggestions for veg/vegan-friendly quick bites/brunch/lunch/dinner, that'd be great, too!

        1. re: rahir

          Closer to your area are the following:

          1431 North Federal Hway
          completely veggie, gourmet, a big hit with veggies

          2214 NE 123rd Street
          inexpensive veggie options, fantastic pizza with secret ingredient apple sauce, "bakyen" instead of bacon.

          Udipi Cafe
          Indian and all veg
          call to make sure they're still open: 954.748.5660

          Here Comes the Sun
          2188 NE 123rd
          tons of veggie offerings, not my fave but people swear by it

          1. re: chocolada

            I've been to Sara's and Here Comes the Sun. I had a hard time choosing which one to go first because they both were literally within walking distance of each other. My opinion? Sara's is way better.

            Another option is a vegan hole-in-the-wall in the scary part of Little Haiti called Garden of Eatin'. The food is healthy, cheap, and well-made in this restaurant that doesn't even have lights indoors (the mirrors does all the trick). Kudos to the Haitian-American from New York that made the bohemian place a worthwhile vegan stopping point in Miami-Dade.

            Garden of Eatin
            136 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL 33150

            1. re: mialebven

              Sara's sounds great! I also came across a blog today that has reviews of local veg restaurants and veg options at more mainstream places, so I thought I'd post a link in case anyone else is interested!

              Meatless Miami

      2. A great little place has opened in Coral Springs called Falafel Bistro, on Wiles Road, just east of Coral Ridge Drive. Open for Breakfast and Lunch, it is mostly vegetarian and have wonderful sandwiches, soups and of course, homemeade falafel and hummus. It's a bit of a drive from 17th St, but if you take 95 North to SE 10th St, and go west, you can hop on the Sawgrass and it's not that bad a drive. Get off at Coral Ridge Drive, head south to Wiles, turn left, then turn right almost immediately into the strip there.

        The link will give you a review from a local website.

        My favorite is the Tuscan sandwich but I haven't had a bad meal there yet.

        1. Woodlands in Coral Springs is vegetarian Indian on University.

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            Woodlands is in Lauderdale Lakes, actually, but it's very close to Springs. I eat there all the time because my GF is vegetarian. It's honestly one of my fav restaurants, and it's very cheap - like $7 for an entree. Amazing Dosai, uthappam, bhatura, and curries. 4816 N University Dr, Lauderdale Lakes

            I would also suggest Saras, but there is one closer than Miami in Hollywood. It's on 3944 North 46th Avenue, right off Sterling Rd. 954-986-1770. Try the fake corn beef reuben, it's awesome.

            There's a great veg chinese place in Boca that makes all their own soy and seitan "meats" - Pine Garden. 1668 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton. It's one block North of Glades Rd. on Federal. Crispy Orange Beef there is the bomb.

            Finally, an absolute must for a vegetarian in Broward is Sunrise Pita: 2680 N University Dr, Sunrise. Kosher restaurant, they make all their own salads (Israeli, eggplant, onion, pickled cabbage) and the absolute best falafel in SoFla. Their hummus is top notch too - creamy, smooth, perfect consistency. It's just about the best around as well.

            Be careful with Sunrise Pita and Saras - Kosher = closed Friday nights and Saturdays.