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Jan 2, 2008 11:15 AM

Group dinner suggestions: Leslieville

A group of 12 women are planning a dinner out, for a Tuesday night. It is a girlfriend's birthday, and she deserves a fun night out with friends (It has been a very hard emotional 6 months)

We need to be in the Leslieville or Beaches area.

I would like to plan a great night out for dinner. Where would you suggest we go? Do any of these offer special menus for groups, or should we just order off the menu?

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Bario is a great place for dining - it's on Queen East near Broadview. If you love Indian food, you can't beat the buffet at Sidhartha (on Gerard). Lion on the Beach has great desserts believe it or not, and a cool 'pub' atmosphere.

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      the best meal i've had in leslieville thus far has been at tomi kro. it has the same kind of bustle as gio rana's down the street but a 'fancier' menu. only been once, but it was awesome.

      i've had a couple of very good meals at gio rana's really really really (is that enough yet?) nice restaurant.

      kubo radio is fun. two doors down the same people have opened lil bacci which offers pretty good terroni-style southern italian fare.

      oh yeah, i really really really like 'leslie jones'. small and intimate. never been there when its been packed.

    2. Email they are a small private space right in Leslieville that only open for functions. Their dining room is setup for 12 people and the woman who runs it will help you plan a menu that everyone will love. Pricing depneds on the menu you decide on and the wine choices you select. The service is amazing since it is only one table being served.

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        More info please...

        This sounds interesting, but I didn't find their website very helpful.

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          Agree, website does not say much at all. Doesn't even give the chef's name.

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            It's that spot "Coupe Space" you may have seen on Queen East (I want to say near Bertmount, but not sure). I actually met the couple who opened it at a party - she's a chef and originally they were talking gastropub, but I guess that got too pricey or something. So now it's this private event space that also does foodie-type events. I agree that it all seems super vague, they should really flesh out that website.

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              Actually this is not Coupe Space but is similar. There is no specific chef they bring in guest chefs for each event. The owner has a few other businesses and just uses this space for private functions. If you want more information they prefer that you email them directly.

      2. The biggest problem with Leslieville is the overwhelming inconsistency. In the Beach, most of the options are not only inconsistent, but not great on their best days.

        Assuming you are looking for conversation, your best choices for accommodating a large group are probably Tomi Kro (I've had very good food there), Joy (wildly inconsistent, though excellent on a random good day), and Nevada (middling at best).

        Gio's is usually fun, but can be extremely noisy. They aren't always open during the week.

        I don't think Barrio is a good setup for a group of twelve. I wouldn't go to Kubo Radio under any circumstances.

        Vivetha has inconsistent food, but can be excellent on a good day.

        There are many more possibilities, none reliably great. Let's see who else chimes in.

        1. I'd definitely go with Tomi-kro as well. Always great food and ambiance is hip and sophisticated and a little less loud than Gio's.

          Unless you're in to very average pub grub, there's a dearth of good restaurants in the Beaches, which is too bad cause it's close to where I live.