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Mar 10, 2001 08:06 PM

Live Music (Lounge Music) w/ Good Food

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Anyone know of any places? Perhaps a piano bar or a cocktail lounge of a restaurant or hotel, where old standards are played and perhaps there's a small dance floor, the crowd is convivial but mature, the bartender makes a good drink, and the food is delicious.

I love such places, and believe it or not, I am nowhere close to the age you might think!!!

Preferably west side but will travel.

I would actually consider opening such a place if there were a market...

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  1. No dancing (that I've since), but the bar at the Belair Hotel is absolutely beautiful (along with the grounds), the food is great (especially the hamburger), and there's a piano player...

    1. You might try the Manhattan Bar and Grill in Manhattan Beach... David Benoit drops in unannounced to play the piano once in a while, and the bar is quite pleasant. The food is good though not wildly innovative Northern Italian. It's a relaxing place to spend an evening.


      1. Another place to try out is Lunaria, on Santa Monica near Century City. I tried it out a few weekends ago on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. After 9pm, they have a jazz band that plays in the lounge. They open up the wall between the lounge and the restaurant, I think, to let the music in better. The food was good too: I ordered the duck ravioli with truffle oil, and found the sauce to be very flavorful! The bartender and waitstaff were very nice, but a bit slow. Also, I couldn't see if there was a dance floor, but I did notice that, before the music started, the crowd seated for dinner was more sophisticated and older. Once the music began, the couples coming in were a bit younger. Anyway, it might be fun to check out one weekend night.

        1. Wednesday nights at Canters. They play old standards. There is a small dance floor. The crowd is convivial can be mature and can also be young. The food and drinks are okay. I don't know about there being a market for that.

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            Even 9 years ago when the OP made this request they said they wanted good food. I think Canters failed that test then and still fails it today.

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              There were some fun times to be had late in the Kibbitz Room.

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                Yeah I know the pianist. There aren't many places that play old standards. You could also easily go across the street to Mr Pizza Damiano's and get some good food and come back and order some pastries and a drink there at Canter's.

          2. Upstairs in the lounge area of Mastro's in BH, there's generally a pianist who's decent.

            Mastros Restaurant
            2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362