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Mar 10, 2001 06:57 PM

Reservations to Make Now

  • k

New to LA and beginning to navigate the restaurant scene here....

Which restaurants' reservations are the toughest to come by? First, on an absolute basis, regardless of worthiness. Then, more importantly, which ones are hard to land yet worth the wait?


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  1. Hey Kara, good to see you settling into your new environs. Happy chowing!

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      And in answer to your question, the restaurants in Los Angeles that require (and merit) reservations more than a few days in advance are Spago and Ginza Sushiko, plus maybe the Buffalo Club, Patina, Campanile, Melisse, Michael's, Josie, the Grill.

      I don't do velvet ropes, but there are undoubtedly another dozen in that category. Saddle Peak Lodge is hard to get into at short notice, but is not great.

      1. re: Pepper

        Hi Melanie -- all settled here in LA. Sure miss Ton Kiang and the abundance of dim sum choices right outside my door! But I'm loving all the delis here that SF is so lacking -- and all the La Scala-style chopped salads.

        Miss having your rapid replies to nearly every question I pose here on the LA board. If you're ever in town w/ extra time and want to get together w/ some LA hounds, I'd love another fun wine-tasting dinner with you and others.

        Thanks for the list, Pepper. I've also enjoyed reading your informed and frequent comments on this board. Funny, having heard so much about Ginza Sushiko, I called them one Friday early evening to learn more about the place and the rumored scarcity of reservations, and the lady said she had room that night at anytime!

        Is the Grill you mentioned the Grill on the Alley?

        I love this site -- thanks for all the help!