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Jan 2, 2008 10:51 AM

New Pie Bakery in Newton Centre

Has anyone tried the new Pie Bakery in Newton Centre yet and, if so, any reviews?

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  1. I was at Pie briefly the other morning. They are certainly still working out the kinks, but the owners were quite pleasant and up-front about their opening snafus. Their coffee/espresso machine wasn't working, so the lattes that did come out were on the house. The pie that we had did not come out cleanly(but then again most homemade ones don't) but was delicious. The interior must have been a great concern to the owner, because it goes beyond what you would expect from a bakery. There are about 6 two tops along the wall, with two club chairs against the window. The bakery is open and across from the registers. The bathrooms are quite fancy for a bakery, but then again, decor was clearly on the minds of the owner.

    the cafe menu is vast, and could be tricky for a bakery the size of Pie. I expect them to pare it down a bit, particularly as many of their dishes are on the "pie" motif and require a bit of time to prepare. While I hope they succeed(as I live in the neighborhood), there remains much to be seen to see if it will be sustainable.

    1. I had a nice scone from there the other morning, and look forward to trying some other things soon.

      1. Stopped in to Pie for a takeaway lunch. Portions of everything seemed kind of small, actually--not in a "normal outside of fat America" small, but chintzy small. The bowlof soup was definitely a cup. Tasty though,and interesting (buternut squash with white bean). Tried the spinach pie which was buttery and packed with green; later in the day I ate a bit of pumpkin pie and it was heavenly. Corn bread accompanying the soup was a misstep: dry, flavorless. I didn't mind the small size as much when I tasted the richness of the filling.

        I really like the concept, and the food is clearly made with care and high-quality ingredients. Staff are kind of shockingly spacey, and I hope to watch them transform themselves--they are sweet though--anyway it's a wonderful concept and a fantastic location. I'll keep going back!

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          When I visited, the spinach pie was huge - definitely not chintzy.

          I really like that they're playing off the idea of pie - not just slices, but things like hand pies. I tried the roasted veggie hand pie (mostly zucchini and eggplant with a really nice, lemony sauce in wheat dough) and the Boston Cream Pie cupcake (a little too dense, but awesome custard).

          Pics here:

        2. I literally just finished a cookie from Pie 5 minutes ago. It was a chocolate chip cookie I bought 2 days ago, it was SO big i coudn't finish it all. I remember it being really cheap (i think $1.50). it wasn't that great though, ive had many better ones.

          the bakery itself is extremely cute with an open kitchen. it has 3-4 tables. very cute place.

          i was next door at miniluxe and i asked the ladies there about Pie and here are their comments:

          *potato pie - one siad it was wayyy to potato-y and another said it was great
          *chicken pot pie - didnt taste good at all but the crust was good
          *coffee - very good

          1. I too asked the folks at Miniluxe for their opinions today. They said the sweet stuff is good but they call all the savory pies "dry pie." I was all set to get the chocolate chip cookie they raved about but when I looked in the case there was a long black hair coming out of one of the quiches....ugh. I couldn't believe that it was on display like that - for who knows how long? Needless to say, I didn't get the cookie.

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              the cookie isnt even good anyway :O) my fave chocolate chip cookie at the moment is from flour. so crispy on the side and super chewy inside, the the chocolate is still gooey