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New Pie Bakery in Newton Centre

Has anyone tried the new Pie Bakery in Newton Centre yet and, if so, any reviews?

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  1. I was at Pie briefly the other morning. They are certainly still working out the kinks, but the owners were quite pleasant and up-front about their opening snafus. Their coffee/espresso machine wasn't working, so the lattes that did come out were on the house. The pie that we had did not come out cleanly(but then again most homemade ones don't) but was delicious. The interior must have been a great concern to the owner, because it goes beyond what you would expect from a bakery. There are about 6 two tops along the wall, with two club chairs against the window. The bakery is open and across from the registers. The bathrooms are quite fancy for a bakery, but then again, decor was clearly on the minds of the owner.

    the cafe menu is vast, and could be tricky for a bakery the size of Pie. I expect them to pare it down a bit, particularly as many of their dishes are on the "pie" motif and require a bit of time to prepare. While I hope they succeed(as I live in the neighborhood), there remains much to be seen to see if it will be sustainable.

    1. I had a nice scone from there the other morning, and look forward to trying some other things soon.

      1. Stopped in to Pie for a takeaway lunch. Portions of everything seemed kind of small, actually--not in a "normal outside of fat America" small, but chintzy small. The bowlof soup was definitely a cup. Tasty though,and interesting (buternut squash with white bean). Tried the spinach pie which was buttery and packed with green; later in the day I ate a bit of pumpkin pie and it was heavenly. Corn bread accompanying the soup was a misstep: dry, flavorless. I didn't mind the small size as much when I tasted the richness of the filling.

        I really like the concept, and the food is clearly made with care and high-quality ingredients. Staff are kind of shockingly spacey, and I hope to watch them transform themselves--they are sweet though--anyway it's a wonderful concept and a fantastic location. I'll keep going back!

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          When I visited, the spinach pie was huge - definitely not chintzy.

          I really like that they're playing off the idea of pie - not just slices, but things like hand pies. I tried the roasted veggie hand pie (mostly zucchini and eggplant with a really nice, lemony sauce in wheat dough) and the Boston Cream Pie cupcake (a little too dense, but awesome custard).

          Pics here: http://cavecibum.blogspot.com/2008/01...

        2. I literally just finished a cookie from Pie 5 minutes ago. It was a chocolate chip cookie I bought 2 days ago, it was SO big i coudn't finish it all. I remember it being really cheap (i think $1.50). it wasn't that great though, ive had many better ones.

          the bakery itself is extremely cute with an open kitchen. it has 3-4 tables. very cute place.

          i was next door at miniluxe and i asked the ladies there about Pie and here are their comments:

          *potato pie - one siad it was wayyy to potato-y and another said it was great
          *chicken pot pie - didnt taste good at all but the crust was good
          *coffee - very good

          1. I too asked the folks at Miniluxe for their opinions today. They said the sweet stuff is good but they call all the savory pies "dry pie." I was all set to get the chocolate chip cookie they raved about but when I looked in the case there was a long black hair coming out of one of the quiches....ugh. I couldn't believe that it was on display like that - for who knows how long? Needless to say, I didn't get the cookie.

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              the cookie isnt even good anyway :O) my fave chocolate chip cookie at the moment is from flour. so crispy on the side and super chewy inside, the the chocolate is still gooey

            2. Newton Center needed a place like this. I have been there twice. Once for lunch and another time for coffee and pastry. I had the Tuna Salad sandwich on their homemade bread with sliced apples and lettuce...delicious. The chicken soup was also great with lots of chicken chunks....not too salty.

              The Italian coffee was excellent, somewhere in between too strong Starbucks and too weak Dunkin Donuts. The Morning Bun was not too sweet as many can be.

              Good lookin place. Very hip! I guess that they have only been open a week or two so the service still needs more time.

              Overall a great addition to the Center. I will be a regular.

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                I'll second that thought - not only does Newton Centre* need Pie, but it needs many more "neighborhood" type food shops/restaurants/bakeries, etc. I was amazed that Tutto Italiano could not make a go of it in Newton Centre a few years ago - love their sandwiches! "

                * as do all of the other villages of Newton.

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                  I didn't even know Tutto Italiano had attempted to expand into Newton! Where was it exactly?

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                    Maybe Tutto failed because nobody knew they were there...
                    They were just south of Beacon, where Cypress & Centre meet. After Tutto, I think the building was a kiddie toy store for a while & then became some sort of test prep mill....

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                      ohhh yeah I know where you mean. I had no idea it was there...should be lots of driveby traffic though. That's a shame.

              2. I was there yesterday. The counter staff was very friendly and hepful. I got a small chocolate pudding pie(I don't remember their exact name for it) Good crust but I would have liked the pudding filling a little thicker. There wasn't any way it was thick enough to slice. It has a whipped cream topping that was good. The pudding was your average chocolate pudding. Some of their other options looked good. Very clean and nice feel to the place. I'll be going back.

                1. I stopped by after seeing this thread, a bright little place with much wider menu than I'd expected. Got a chicken, rice, and apple compote pastie - nice folded over pastry shell about the size of a sandwich. I got it to go and it was cold so I zapped it in in the microwave, good apple flavour but I'd add more chicken. There are a lot more things I'd like to try there, as well as daily specials.

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                    Exactly where in Newton Centre is it? Do they have a website?

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                      The address is 796 Beacon Street, this a few doors down from the Band of America toward Pete's and Zoot's. The website is:


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                        What did it replace? Past Peat's and Zoots are the Chinese noodle place and the pizza place. Which one bit the dust?

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                          Those are on the side street, not Beacon.

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                            It's across from the big parking lot, there used to be a jewelry store there, next to where Pier 1 was (which is now a Citibank). BTW when I Google-mapped the address above Google gave the wrong location.

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                              Down Beacon St from Zoots, on the other side of where Pier 1 was.

                              I thought it was in the old Placewares location, but if I'm wrong about that it's very close to that spot.

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                            right next to MINILUXE and across from national jean co

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                              Yep. If you are at Johnny's or JP Licks, look straight across the parking lot and you'll see it. From Peet's, walk West on Beacon to the next block.

                              It's also a very short walk from the D line Newton Center stop.

                        2. We stopped in around 2 today. It was mobbed. I was 6th in line (ther eis one line for bakery and cafe) and it was about a 15 minute wait but worth it. DH was illegally parked so it was take-out. I got 2 hand pies, one grilled veg and one turkey and cheddar. It takes 10 minutes to heat them up (no micrwave here of course) and I opted for 5 minutes as DH was getting hungry and impatient. The pies were delicious and the crust buttery and flaky. Each one was a good sized lunch and cost 5.95. I watched them making sandwiches (&.9) and they seemed kind of small but have to go back and site at the counter overlooking the baking area and have a pastie... In spite of the crush of people the staff was personable and friendly and the shelves were re-stocked with freshly baked things. My wait person said it was less crowded in the mornings and suggested calling in an order.

                          1. Im Houston Massage Therapist, I work next door at Mini-Luxe....I have fallen in deep deep love with the food next door. The pies are amazing, I have tried almost all of them.

                            Yvonne who works with me suggested I take a gander next door. And now I am there every day...I cant explain how much I enjoy, the sweet to savory dishes next door.

                            But, alas, I digress...Pie Bakery is a WINNER !!!

                            Houston MT

                            1. Suckered again !!!! For some reason ,I'm continually drawn into Pie . Not sure why. Maybe the thought of a local place with great Pie. I love to see local places with some creativity succeed but I'm constantly dissapointed and Pissed off every time I leave Pie.
                              Three times in a row ,I've asked for hard boiled eggs ,which are on the menu, three times in a row they dont have them.I prefer Ice tea over coffee and would rather go to a local place versus starbucks for it. But I feel ripped off every time I leave Pie. 2.75 for 12 oz size of ice tea. Come on Now. I thought starbucks was bad at 2.05 for 20 Oz.The display case always looks great but when you request something from there , It's always takes 10-15 minutes of microwave time to reheat it.Egg panini's looked great in the case. But I recieved a late night 7-11 version of it after 10 minutes.We ordered a whole strawberry rhubarb pie to go. Our guests liked it but not as much as the one we ordered from the bakery at the end of river st in west newton. Plus it was half the price made by a few nice grandmothers.I've a had a few of there cookies and they are ok at a good price. I prefer the ones in Newtonville at bread and chocolate. My favorite locally are made in the south end by Buttery. There's got to be a way to prepare there great looking dishes without nuking them.It's One of the reasons, I hate starbucks.The service staff is very freindly but I feel like I'm in some bizarro world when you ask to many questions.I'm exhausted when I leave there.I hate feeling like I'm being taken advantage by there high costs and wimpy portions.Nine bucks for a chicken salad sandwich. Because your in Newton, doesnt give you reason to rip people off. There are too may great places in town to go.My favorite place is right across the street and have never been disappointed. Johnny's lines are long but the food is good.Sandwich works isnearby. Decent food at half the price owned by a great guy.
                              I'm sure I will be drawn in again for some reason but Like dental work I will hate myself afterwards for going back

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                                I 've been there probably ten times now and always get the chicken and apple pasty (I'm probably boring but it's unusual and make for a great lunch to bring for work). The amount of chicken has varied a little but it's always been good.

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                                  What's the name of the place in west newton? I usually make my own pies but my office loves pie and we often drive all the way to Petsi's to get one. I think West Newton would be closer. We are really close to Pie Bakery but the price has always scared us away.

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                                    I think the OP must be referring to Country Desserts which is on Lexington Street in Newton, just around the corner from the River Street intersection. I've heard their muffins are great!

                                    Country Desserts
                                    60 Lexington St, Newton, MA

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                                      I haven't had the pies at Country Desserts, but the muffins are indeed amazing - buttery, tender, moist, with a crunchy top - some of the best I've ever had. The coffee-cake muffin is especially outrageous, but the regular fruit muffins are great as well.

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                                    I do not think the food at Johnnies is good at all. I have never had a good meal there. If I do go I only get a hot dog and french fries because nothing else is good. The pickles always come looking old and soggy. The coleslaw always tastes old. I happen to like pie bakery. I have had the banana and the coconut cream pie and they were both delicious. I have heard great things about south end buttery but have not been yet.

                                    1. re: macadamianut

                                      I agree with macadamianut. I think the food at Johnnie's is terrible! I would never go back. My hash was inedible and my companion's meal wasn't much better. I like Pie Bakery. I bought a chocolate cookie which was one of the most delicious cookies I have ever had anywhere. I thought it was on a par with the products at Flour which I think are superb.

                                      1. re: macadamianut

                                        Agreed. Johnnies = bad, Pie bakery banana cream pie = good

                                        (didn't like Pie's veggie hand pie much, but I was comparing it to a veg pasty from the UK so it was an unfair competition)

                                        1. re: Scruffy The Cat

                                          Completely unfair. But I know your pain.

                                          I've been searching for anything to compare to a good British pasty here in Boston for 3 years now.

                                    2. I absolutely love Pie. They have fantastic entrees (try their pot pie or kinish), and their pie pies are delicious. The pie slices can get a little messy, and their lemon meringue is too sweet for me (I like it tart), but they really whip up a high meringue.