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Jan 2, 2008 10:10 AM

Where can I find squid ink?

Got the pasta-making attachments for my kitchenaid this Christmas. Now where can I find some squid ink to make my own fresh pasta? Thanks!

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  1. I have seen mostly the packets around, but also a can of cuttlefish ink, just not certain where. I would probably first call Capone's since they certainly make it, plus repackage a number of things in consumer friendly sizes (caputo pizza and pasta flours...). You might have less luck at the Pasta Market in Malden, but they certainly use it. Courthouse certainly and probably New Deal would be willing to save the ink when cleaning squid and some folks suggest just doing this -- it doesn't take a whole lot. (The fishmonger in Huron also used to carry things like this in their freezer, but I haven't poked my head in for a long time.)

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      I would think you could find it at the Salumeria in the North End, but don't know for sure.

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        aha! New Deal. I will have a chat with them next time I stop by for sashimi. Thanks for the leads!

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          I have gotten fresh cuttlefish ink sacks from the New Deal, when I purchased cuttlefish at the same time---there was no extra charge for the sacks given that they were weighed along with the fish. They also sell squid (closely related to cuttlefish but not exactly the same--I'm sure some cephalopod expert will chime in here). I'm guessing they would sell squid ink separately if you asked, but I've never bought just the ink at New Deal. At Courthouse, they sell squid ink out of a jar. It's quite expensive and very concentrated, but they sell you as much or as little as you need in a small plastic container. For whatever reason, the jarred squid ink was definitely more potent than the fresh cuttlefish ink, but I'm not sure which variable was at work.