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Jan 2, 2008 10:07 AM

Looking for Pea Shoots in Asian Rests.

Has anyone had any Pea Shoots at any of the Philly Asian Restaurants? I have had them several times in NYC but have not found them in Philly. Thanks.

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  1. I've had them at many of the restuarants in Chinatown. They're usually not on the menu, you have to ask for them specifically. Tai Lake, Ocean Harbor, Jade Harbor, the place btw the bank and the fire station, Ocean Garden.

    1. ditto here. Tai Lake is a favorite for pea shoots with crab meat. sometimes we just ask for snow pea shoots with ___ (your choice) as its not readily on some menus.

      Lee How Fook...i think around 200 block of 11th had great snow pea shoots. and hot and sour soup for that matter.

      1. Is this the same as Snow Pea Leaves?

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          I think they are one and the same.

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            Shiao Lan Kung has them. I get them every time.