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Mar 9, 2001 04:51 PM

The "Last Supper"?

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Ok, y'all are getting rid of me..I suspect much to the delight of the Artesia/Cerritos Chamber of Commerce.
It's back home to my Alpine home in Bavaria, the land of Mad Cows and Foot in Mouth.
Where should I go for that last big dinner? Something that will be memorable for me and the Significant Other. To make it easier: Something I will not be getting back in Deutschland. Ribs or how about the epitome of a good steak? Area: San Fernando/San Gabriel Valley or close in Ventura Co.
Have at it.

Auf Weidersehen

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  1. h

    How about Chinese food at your favorite place in SGV? I don't know you well enough to know if you like Chinese food. But I remember that I couldn't find good Chinese food in Munich, Berlin when I was there over 10 yr. ago. Bon voyage...

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      Gretchen Ehrenberg

      Thank you, you made an excellent suggestion. My Boyfriend and I had Dim Sum yesterday. Funny enough, very close to my place in Germany (south of Munich)is an excellent Thai-Chinese place. In Munich there is now an exceptional Vietnamese place, not far from the main train station. Things have changed.


      1. re: Gretchen Ehrenberg

        Hi Gretchen

        Hope you enjoyed your dim sum. I, too, went for dim sum this past weekend. You will be surprised that there are sumptuous places in the Cerritos/Artesia area and rated A by the LA Health Dept to boot (no kidding)!!

        I went to the Ten Ten #2 Restaurant on Norwalk in Artesia for my dim sum, which turned out to be a hearty meal. Very fresh and not too oily. Later in my explorations I found the new Ten Ten #3 Restaurant which appeared to have just opened for business which shares a building with a delicious looking buffet lunch & dinner place and is next to the Prince Seafood Restaurant (both also rated A by the way!). They are all off South Street close to Pioneer. In fact there was also a Filipino and a Korean restaurant around the corner, so there are many choices here!

        So, why not take a trip down to Cerritos and leave LA with a lasting good impression of the area? *G*

    2. What about the Saddlepeak Lodge in Malibu Canyon? My brother swears by this place, although I've never been. Maybe some other hounds can comment.