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Jan 2, 2008 10:02 AM

fixed price omakase (giving gift certificate)

I would love to give a gift certificate to a great sushi restaurant in the city, specifically for the recipient to have omakase for two people. Are prix fixe and omakase mutually exclusive? Ideally, I would rather the gc read as "omakase for two" rather than something like "$300."

This is for a special birthday, so there is no specific price range. Thanks!

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  1. i cant think of any considering that omakase is usually not fixed but dependent upon how much the person wants to spend or eat.

    i doubt id complain if you gave me a $300 gift certificate to yasuda <drool>

    1. At 15 East, you can do a "quasi" omakase by ordering from the menu (and not at the bar) at a fixed price. Check their website.

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        At 15 East, I think the menu has a sushi tasting for $50 or a full chef's tasting for I think around $85. I've had the sushi tasting at the sushi bar many times.