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Jan 2, 2008 09:43 AM

Stone's Public House in Ashland

Went there for dinner the other night and was VERY pleasantly suprised. I've been before, but the menu had changed since I've last been. The addition of some authentic British/Irish food (colcannon, champ, YUM) on the menu made me excited.
I had the cod cakes to start, which were very fresh and tasty, but would have liked more cod and less filling for the price I was paying.
I had the fancy mac and cheese (with morel mushrooms and parmesean), which was fantastic and plentiful (I had it for lunch the next day). My husband had the duck (very slightly overcooked) with parsnip colcannon.
My only gripe was the bartender. She didn't know how to make a hot toddy at all. First, she wanted to put brandy it in. I've heard it could be made with brandy, but not in an Irish restaurant/pub. After I explained how to make one, she loaded it up with a ton of cinnamon, but no cloves. Is a hot toddy such an uncommon thing to have in an Irish restaurant?
I will go back to John Stone's for the food, but I'm bringing a litle flask of whiskey with me next time!

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  1. Is the former owner/founder of Matt Murphy's still running the John Stone? I also had a wonderful evening there recently.

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      Matt is no more. Greg took over the kitchen, went to The Fram CC for a short stint and has returned as chef/GM/Sunday bartender.

    2. we had a very nice meal in the dining room recently with an enthusiastic waiter. The bar side seemed very lively and a good place to grab a burger

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        Sunday Night Blues Jam Here Is great!!! PLus the haunted history is cool too, a nice place to cozy up to the fire on a cold night.

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          Just came back from an early dinner there. Was great sitting next to the fireplace, though too far away from TV to watch a football game. I had arugula, roasted pear salad w/blue cheese and spiced walnuts, husband had field greens. My entree was roast chicken; they were very accommodating about substituting the mashed parsnips for the mushroom risotto, vegetable was asparagus. He had roast duck w/same parsnips and brussel sprouts. We were both very pleased. Due to NY resolutions, we did not look at the dessert menu. Service was very attentive. Dinner menu and bar menu were both available. Haven't been there since the summer, but have had many good experiences there.

      2. Thanks for the Mac and Cheese recommendation. I had been thinking about trying this place for a while and was glad I did. First off that isn't normal mac n' cheese, more like a gourmet mushroom based alfredo, and oh my was it tasty. Things started almost as good with an amazing fish and clam chowder. The pear salad that my friend ordered was good as well, the only suggestion there might be to warm the pears a little first. To top it off the building, setting and service were all excellent...the seat next to the wood fireplace made it even more cozy.