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Jan 2, 2008 09:29 AM


Went there a few days ago. (Corona Del Mar) The prime rib was good, but NOT excellent.
Souffle was average.

What's up with all the old folks?

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  1. Haha what's up with the old folks?

    I haven't been to the Five Crowns. Can you comment on if it is the same as the Lawry's in Beverly Hills? I believe they are under the same ownership. I've been to Lawry's a hand full of times. Hoping the experience and food is the same so I don't have to drive out as far any longer!

    Thanks in advanced!

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    1. re: zguru24

      I haven't been to Lawry's...
      I believe they're under the same ownership.
      The Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar (not sure if there are more locations) is very small and the decor is not modern.
      My friend and I were the youngest people there and the average age group seemed to be around 40-50+, definetely not a "hip" place to dine.
      But I prefer steak over prime rib any day of the week.

      1. re: zguru24

        Five Crowns is owned by the Lawry's company, but the menu is somewhat different. They don't do the rolling cart for prime rib, and have a more varied menu than Lawry's. Five Crowns is more like Tam O'Shanter than Lawry's. It's *VERY* old school, and is mostly patronized by the same people who have been going there for the past 40 years (which is probably why the clientele seems on the older side ;-) I've been there with my family on holidays like Easter or Mother's Day, when it's very popular. Food is always solid, but nowhere near cutting edge (nor do they try to be). Service is typically excellent, even on holidays when other restaurants seem to fall apart. It is what it is -- some love it, others would rather spend their $$ at restaurants featuring a more current menu.

      2. I don't think any of the Lawry's group of restaurants are about being hip/modern. Five Crowns is cozy- large fireplaces, dark wood paneling- feels like you're dining in a house. I always go with my parents in December because my mom likes the Bell Carolers. lol.

        I always order the same thing:
        Continental Salad (they took it off the menu for some reason, but just ask for it)
        Prime Rib w/mashed potatoes
        English Trifle (they bring it b/c it's my birthday)

        They don't have Lawry's Spinning Bowl Salad, but the Continental has lettuce, bay shrimp, egg, tomatoes, w/a vinaigrette dressing.

        1. They also serve Roast Goose in December only.

          1. I think their prime rib has gone SO downhill the past few years. Get dragged there every once in awhile when relatives are in town & can't remember the last good meal I had - too bad, but they're still packing them in!!

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            1. re: torta basilica

              I was there for the first time last month and I found it pretty terrible. I am a fan of prime rib but this was just a plate of flavorless badly prepared food, even the gravy on the tasteless mashed potatoes that deeply colored and rich looking had NO flavor....the portions were Flinstonian but why would I want to eat a GIANT plate of food with no flavor? I will not be back and I would warn anyone thinking of going to pass...go to Outback and you will find a better piece of meat...that is sad but very true.

            2. The original comment has been removed