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Mar 8, 2001 05:20 PM

I'm craving South Indian food!

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I'm from New York, where South Indian restaurants aren't too hard to find, but I've had little luck in LA.

In searching this site, I found a reference to Madhu's Dasaprakash, on Santa Monica Blvd just west of the 405, I think. Well, I passed by there, and there was NOBODY inside, it was rated a B (does it really matter?) and I got nervous and left. Does anyone know if it's good?

Does anyone know of any good South Indian restaurants (they are 100% vegetarian, and serve dosas, those big pancake filled with lentils, etc.)? Any that are in the Santa Monica, WestLA, Culver City are would be ideal...

Let me know! Thanks a lot.

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  1. Madhu's is pretty far west of the 405--it's a block west of Bundy. I ate there with a gang on Monday, 5 March and the food was quite good. I had a delicious "cream of wheat with peas" and a very odd cashew lentil fritter. The mango lassi was divine. Do not be scared off by the cavernous space and the paucity of customers.

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      is most of the food there extremely spicy? i can't really handle if it's spicy to the authentic extreme.
      also, is this place less pricy than bombay cafe for the quality.

      1. re: kevin

        Madhu's will regulate the level of spice if you ask. It is fairly inexpensive, and is by far the best southern Indian in the Southland.

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          That is not even close to being true. The best South Indian restaurants in the Southland are in Artesia on Pioneer. It can't get any more authentic than that. Indian food prepared for almost 100% Indian people (and the occasional tourist like me). Be advised, nothing is open before 11 AM.

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            I agree about the quality of Indian food in Artesia. It's been awhile since I've been, but I remember how good everything was. We were there shopping for my (now)daughter-in-law's wedding sari. Not only was the Indian food outstanding, but we found a Mexican restaurant (yes, right in the middle of India Land) where the chef/owner cooked everything to order.

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              I am quite aware of Little India. Madhu's Dasaprakash, FYI, is also the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in the Artesia area. (The flagship restaurant is a few blocks off the Pioneer Boulevard strip, just over the border into Cerritos.) But as is distinctly not the case when it comes to eastside Chinese restaurants, Madhu's Westside version is just as good.

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      Ronald Young

      Paru in Hollywood has quite tasty vegetarian Indian food that can be had on a pleasant patio outside or a comfortable dining room inside. 6150 W. Sunset Blvd.

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        i absolutely love paru's -- though it's actually at 5140 sunset blvd. they don't have a wide variety of dosas, but everything is terrific. if you're into having dessert, do try the almond halwa or nut cake...mmmm.

        Link: http://www.parusrestaurant.com

        1. re: felicia d.

          extremely interesting menu - apart from the punjabi and bengali stuff (which might be interesting riffs on the written melody), its the first time i've seen 'maligu tawny' on a menu in a while. of course, the brits bastardised that to 'mulligatawny', drank it as a soup and morphed it into a creation with chicken stock and rice over time. the pallid version of which you are subjected to in every bengali pretender restaurant.

          thats just a little trivia for fun. you might also ask kannan natarajan, the general manager, the reason for using both 'tanjore' and 'thanjavur' in the same menu - exactly like using 'bombay' and 'mumbai'. after all, as he's chosen to go native, he might as well be flamboyantly so.

      2. The best dosa that I have had on the West Side is at Bombay Sweet and Restaurant on Venice just East of Motor (across from Versailles). There are many variety of Dosa and quite a few veggie options that I have not seen before. There sweets are the best I have ever tried by far. I am not sure if it is South Indian because I didn't see Vada or Idli on the menu but that doesn't mean that they don't make it. Dosa was not on the menu the first time I ordered it either.

        1. Don't be scared, as other have said. Paru's is nice but the choices (100% vegetarian) are much more extensive at Dasaprakash. As Pepper said, there is also a branch in Artesia, and there was once a branch on La Cienega before they opened in Artesia.
          The food is fine and the variety in heat is great naturally as not all the dishes are supposed to be piquant. NOTE: this south indian cuisine is not for the lactose-intolerant.

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            James O'Connor

            Regarding Dasaprakash in Cerritos. It is now closed as the owner has opened another Resturant recently in Northern California and is now involved in getting that location going.

            Link: http://www.tm-imports.com

          2. As a person who grew up on south indian food(I am
            an ethnic south indian thats why) the only good
            and fully authentic south indian restaurant is Parus
            on Sunset Blvd between kingsley and normandy. However
            if you are going for the dosas Bombay Cafe on Pico
            and Bundy (Bombay cafe is owned by Ex Chutneys owner
            Neely) is damn good. Madhus has moved up to SF leaving
            behind a ghost organization in LA. There is little
            other choice for now at least