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Best gummy bears?

Does anyone have suggestions for a really good gummy bear--both very fruity and very chewy? I was once given an excellent box from San Diego--unfortunately I have no idea where it came from...

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  1. Haribo makes the original gummy bears. It's important to make sure they're fresh. As they age, or if they're a cheap knock-off, they get harder and the flavor fades.


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      I agree on Haribo, and I also like Amazin' Fruit gummies--they're softer, but the flavors are good and intense.

      I also recently found what our bulk food store calls "wild" gummies (they carry worms and bears). The flavors are unusual, and they have a great texture. I'm not sure who the manufacturer is since they were in a bulk bin.

      A friend of ours periodically sends us "natural" fruit gummies from Australia, and they're fantastic. I think there's a US-based web site that sells them. I'll post a link if I can find it.

      Here's the link. The gummies we've tried are from The Natural Confectionery. The blackcurrant ones (in the mixed-flavor packages) are divine!


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        Mamaciita, is it the Blinky Bills you recommend? Or the jellies?

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          Also, glancing at a few of your other posts, it seems that you may live in Louisville? I am from there and visit frequently--which bulk food store sells the wild gummies??

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            We've had the Blinky Bills, the cars, dinosaurs, snakes, and the fruit salad. They all seem to be the same basic candy in various shapes. I saw a package called "Forbidden Fruit," and I wonder if the flavors are different.

            I saw the "wild" gummies at Nuts and Stuff on Preston Highway near the Watterson Expressway--across from Value City. They also stock Haribo Gummi Fruit Salad, which is probably my favorite gummy candy of all time.

            On a similar note, some time you ought to check out Creation Gardens. They're a restaurant produce supplier with a retail store downtown. In addition to a gorgeous produce selection, they carry spices, oils, cheeses, baking supplies, fruits, nuts, pastas, etc. They're on Main Street near the 65 overpass. The entrance is on the side street. Fun, fun, fun!!

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              Mmm, thanks, I will check these out next time I am in town!

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                One more local recommendation: If you like Vietnam Kitchen, you might love basa on Frankfort Avenue. We had our favorite dinner all year there just before Christmas. : )

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            Those are the BEST gummies! I used to love them... all the ones I've tried in the US have either been tasteless, or overwhelmingly grape/apple flavoured from the fruit juice concentrate. And they tend to be hard enough to break a tooth on.

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            Definitely Haribo... Some even like them when they age and get chewy, but I'm more a fan when they're fresh and soft. Ideally, they'd be warm, by being carried around in someone's pocket, ala Ferris Beuller's Day Off, but you can't have everything...

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              That's the only gummy bear I buy. Around Halloween, I make sure it's in the mix to hand out if I can find the little bags.

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                Oddly enough, the kosher ones are way better! I found them at Safeway in the kosher food section. We were really surprised at how much better they are.

              2. It depends on what you like. Some are very soft like Albanese made here in the United States (they have an A on their bellies) of the Brach's version (I think made in Argentina nowadays).

                Trolli were once German and are also very soft and chewy (a little greasy on the outside if you ask me) and are now owned by American company Farley's & Sathers. Black Forest is the other American brand, good quality (though I think their red one is cherry, not raspberry flavored like most other bears).

                I prefer the original Haribo. Their bears even look different, a little taller, a little more svelte. Be careful though, they have several different factories. The best ones come from either Germany or Spain, the ones from the Czech Republic are sometimes a little bland. Look for fresh ones that are soft when squeezed. (The green Haribo bear is Strawberry.)

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                  Interesting post. I didn't know about the different factories, but I have noticed a difference over the years in Haribo gummi bears. Maybe that's why. My ideal gummi bears were from a candy shop in Belmar, NJ that's long since gone. I was introduced to them there by a woman of German descent who told me they were originally German. And Green was always my favorite bear--didn't know it was strawberry! I've since become certain that those were Haribo. And I like them a little stale!

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                    typetive - thanks for the info! I just bought mine from CVS (apparently the CVS brand candy *is* the Haribo) and they are fine. perfectly chewy (not too soft, just soft enough) and not greasy like some brands! they have a great fruity flavor and nice chewy texture. My bag says they were made in Turkey though...

                    green is strawberry, white/clear is pineapple, orange is orange, red is raspberry, yellow is lemon.

                  2. i have to concur on the haribo gummi bears...however, i'm a little weird in that i like to leave them out to get a little hard...

                    as for intense fruit flavored gummy candy, i'd have to say the japanese have cornered the market on that though not in the form of bears...my favorite gummy candy of all has to be the kasugai muscat gummy. absolutely delicious.

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                      soypower - there are quite a few Japanese gummis that I would rate as awesome. The Kasugai brand also includes a Pineapple that is transcendant.

                      I'm also quite addicted to Meiji Gummy Chocos lately. There are two varieties, one a variety of fruits (muscat, orange and strawberry) covered in milk chocolate then flavored white chocolate. The other is a milk chocolate covered strawberry gummy. So pretty, so tasty.

                      (I'm making my first attempt at attaching a photo ... let's see if that works!)

                      1. re: typetive

                        i've always thought about trying those meiji's, but have always been put off by the idea of chocolate & fruity gummy candy...i know people like chocolate covered gummy bears but i've never been a fan...but maybe i'll give the meiji's a try...

                        i also think the pineapple, orange, apple, litchi, and white peach kasugai gummies are great. something about the fruit flavors in asian candies seems more true to real fruit taste than the stuff made here.

                        1. re: soypower

                          soypower-my wife is a gummy bear fanatic and enjoys leaving them out to get hard and chewy. sometimes she can't wait and actually throws them in the freezer for a little bit. my question for you is, where can we get the Kasugai brand of gummies?

                          ps i have enjoyed your postings on other subjects

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                            thank you. good to know i'm not the only one...:o) i buy kasugai gummies at my local korean grocer, and it seems logical that they would be available at japanese grocers as well...but if you don't have either of those available to you, amazon.com appears to sell them as well...


                            be warned, these are rather soft, so like the gummy bears, i leave them out for a few hours or a few days to get nice and chewy. :o)

                            1. re: soypower

                              KASUGAI !!!!! I just found them in our local Great Wall for $1.99/bag. Love the Muscat!

                              1. re: kolachman

                                awesome! i'm glad you found them...and muscat is my absolute favorite flavor..:o)

                            2. re: kolachman

                              In Los Angeles I find the best place to find them at the best price is Mitsuwa Marketplace (I go to the one in Little Tokyo, they have the best candy selection). Marukai in Weller Court or Nijiya Market in the Japanese Village Plaza also have good selections at regular grocery store prices. Sometimes Famima!! has stuff like that, but usually at twice the price.

                              I've also seen them in Chinatown, but I can't recall any of thsoe store names.

                              1. re: typetive

                                thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately i am over here in Jersey, and get out to Orange County only occasionally :-( but will run over to our local Asian Market, which is huge-i'm very hopeful. May have to resort to Amazon.com.

                                Thanks again. :-)

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                                  kolachman, not sure what part of NJ you're in, but there is a Mitsuwa Marketplace in Edgewater NJ (595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020). They have a fantastic candy selection, including these gummies! Well worth the trip (my parents live an hour from there and I always ask them to stock up on my favorite items whenever they make the trek).

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                                    I live in the Princeton area and I have found the Kasugai at a "Great Wall" store in a nearby town called Franklin Park for $1.99 a bag. Thanks for the tip though-I seem to not be able to get enough so the more stores I know of the better-went back today (3rd time?-lost track) and bought my friend Mariko a Muscat bag too!

                                    1. re: kolachman

                                      That reminds me, the Kasugai gummies and other assorted candies can usually be found in the "International" foods sections of stores like Wegmans and World Market... I'm sure there are more but those are the two that I've personally seen.

                                      1. re: gyozagirl

                                        wife says Kasugai are at Wegmans-more $$$$

                                2. re: typetive

                                  do you happen to know what brand the starburst like candy is called? The have a sweet plum and grape and mango etc... they are really good but now that I've moved away from a Mitsuwa I don't know where to get them (minneapolis)...

                                  1. re: babaoriley7

                                    sounds like you are talking about hi chew candy! one of my favorite candies as well...


                                    1. re: babaoriley7

                                      Soypower's got it - the the most popular approximation to Starbursts in Japan are the Morinaga HiCHEW. They're a bit more latexy and usually come in single flavor packs (though sometimes in mixed flavor bags). Yuzu is fabulous. I've also been enjoying some Banana ones lately.

                                      There's another curious Japanese taffy/gummi product called UHA Puccho, which is chew with little gummi bits in it. I've had some that are lemon-lime with little cola bits or creme brulee with little caramel flavored gummi bits. Really interesting texture (kind of like those old Brach's nougats that had jelly bits in them).


                                      1. re: typetive

                                        The banana HiChews are one of my favorite candies.

                                  2. re: kolachman

                                    kolachoman, thats hilarious. my wife never liked gummy bears (much to my dismay because i love them) until she tasted some haribos that were left out one time at my little sister's house. i was munching on them and she was like "that's gross. why are you eating those old gummy bears." i convinced her to eat one (she was hungry anyway) and she loved them. hahah. i thought i was the only person with a weird chewy-gummy bear-liking wife.

                                    i agree with the general consensus that haribo makes the best gummy bear you can get anywhere. great flavor and perfect texture.

                                    1. re: eatinghabit

                                      Nice! I am sure that they are "aged" before being sold, but there is something about them once they get harder.

                            3. Haribo, hands down for me. Though once in a while I don't have a problem with a cheapo gummi knock off.

                              1. Mmm, thanks for all these recs! Unfortunately they have only intensified my craving...

                                1. I remember years ago, I had Trolli gummy bears - they remain my favourite, but I can't find them anymore!

                                  1. Black Forest Gummies HANDS DOWN. Oh So Tender and made with real fruit juice. Usually find them at Walgreens.

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                                      Mattkn--I just purchased one of each variety of gummy (all small packages) sold at my local gourmet shop--the Black Forest Sour Fun Bugs were AMAZING! Bursting with flavor and delightful consistency.

                                      I also tried:
                                      * Haribo gummy cherries and bears (both quite good but could have been more fruity--maybe these were the Czech version. I will try to find the German ones.)
                                      * Haribo sour cherries (excellent and chewy, not too sour)
                                      * Brummi Gummi Bears (from Czech Republic--terrible and licorice-y)

                                      1. re: SunnyD

                                        Excellent! It is just making my mouth pucker! Sigh, my resolution was less sugar...I need to go to bed.

                                      2. re: Mattkn

                                        I like the Black Forest as well. I think the flavors are better than the Haribo.

                                        1. re: Ruth Lafler

                                          I also bought a package of the Black Forest gummi bears and a package of the Haribo (package says made in Hungary). As I remembered, the Black Forest have a more distinct fruit flavor, while the Haribo are chewier. I actually like the texture of the Haribo, but I think the fact that they're firmer means that they don't release as much flavor. They're fun to chew on, but the Black Forest taste better.

                                      3. I like the swedish gummies, sweet simple and only slightly chewy.

                                        1. I am also disappointed with the gummi bears available her in the USA. Thirty years ago I was able to get fresh, squishy, big, fresh and fruity tasting gummi bears locally in Germany. Haribo and other producers fall short on this and their products taste stale and chew like rubber! If you can pinpoint a good source of good product, let me know. Thanxalot

                                          1. Torn between the Black Forest of my childhood and the Haribo that kept me alive in college.

                                            1. Airborne gummi lozenges, as in the purported/debunked/still-purported cold remedy. I haven't been able to find them in L.A. for months but used to eat them by the gourmet pack. Not too sweet, full of good things like actual licorice and tasty herby tastes.

                                              1. Dean & Deluca have excellent bears, as well as sanded fruit salad! (Haribo here in L.A. has tasted stale and off in comparison (to the tin I've been nibbling since my last NYC excursion . . . . what will I do when the white grape ones run out?)

                                                1. Not to take anything away from Haribo and Black Forest, but in recent months, I've discovered Duane Reade's own brand (NOT the "deLISH" brand, rather the unnamed brand that features NYC landmarks drawn in vertical lines resembling bar code lines). They are great - soft and very fruity, with a clean finish and with no waxy aftertaste. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find them lately, and the manager in the last DR store I tried said that the vendor they'd been using hadn't shipped any in a few months. So who knows.

                                                  Duane Reade does also carry 'deLISH' branded private label gummies, marketed as organic and made with real fruit juice. They're not bad, but not as soft or as flavorful as the others, and can get sticky in elevated temperatures (you can even tell this from looking at them on the shelf). And they're quite a bit pricier than the others.

                                                  FAO Schwarts sells chocolate covered gummies by the pound, which are great, but pricey.

                                                  1. These aren't bears, nor are they fruity, but has anyone else had these??? They're insane. So good, and taste like cola...I sometimes put them in the freezer and enjoy them frozen...

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                                                      One of my very faves since I don't like traditional gummy bears. But I am not a big fan of the fizzy cola ones.

                                                      1. re: vttp926

                                                        Oh I've never seen those, I'd probably have to try them out of curiosity! Glad to see someone else appreciates Happy Colas!

                                                        1. re: Meowzerz

                                                          I got them at World Market the last time there was a sale on the different gummies. Otherwise I probably would have not bought them. I found the Happy Cola at my local Aldi and definitely cannot pass it up when it is only 89 cents a bag.

                                                          1. re: vttp926

                                                            Oh I just looked up the "Fizzy" Happy Colas- looks like they have a sugary/sour coating? That's not necessary and sounds gross haha.
                                                            Yeah I find Happy Colas at Target or any dollar store or drug store. But I *try* to buy them sparingly lol

                                                            1. re: Meowzerz

                                                              Yea it is suppose to be a little sour. I love sour but it just doesn't work for it.

                                                    2. Back in the day the South Fork Candyman (cousin to the North Fork Candyman) had Gummy Joggers. They looked like a Converse BB sneaker with fruit flavored Gummy on top and a white sole that was sort of marshmallowlike!!! Oh so good!! I can't find them anywhere now.

                                                      1. nuts.com....... sells a tropical variety that are great. Very tasty. You can purchase all of the flavors individually, or as a group. What makes them sooooooo great is they're the softest and freshest I've ever had.

                                                        1. A co-worker from our Munich office sent a Care package of assorted Haribo products. I will see where they are made.

                                                          1. My favorite gummy bears were the ones I had growing up that came from Bloomingdale's in NY. Anyone have any idea what kind they were?

                                                            1. i make my own gummy bear . i use jello gelatin of all flavors . and multi-layers.
                                                              but i cant afford molds .i look in thrift stores and found cake molds work just fine. then i got creative and use ice cream plastic containers holds 8 cups can make 4 to 8 diff layers and weights about 4 pounds kids love it.

                                                              1. Haribo

                                                                And the white pineapple bear is the best !!

                                                                1. In the 90s I brought myself to gummy bears when I visited Czech Republic. They were extraordinary tasty! Then, they changed the recipe (or brand?) and the euphoria was gone!

                                                                  PLEASE HELP me figure out which brand this was!

                                                                  This is what I remember of the original bears:
                                                                  * Their surface was matt (no glossiness).
                                                                  * They were quite dark (probably because of the matt surface).
                                                                  * They were very soft. (I could easily take 20 at a time without any problems.)
                                                                  * They were very sweet.
                                                                  * There was a purple bear that was ridiculously good!
                                                                  * I traveled a lot in Europe, and never saw them anywhere else than in Czech Republic.

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                                                                      1. re: JMF

                                                                        I'm surprised no one else mentioned this.. So funny!

                                                                        1. re: petek

                                                                          I tried to give this the attention I thought it deserved but nobody seemed to appreciate it.


                                                                          1. re: jrvedivici

                                                                            Make that one, jr! Best amazon reviews ever!

                                                                  1. Gummies made by Surf Sweets are really good. They are natural, no artificial colors, and organic. Given all that they still taste great! I buy them at WF.

                                                                    1. Holy old thread resurrection....Albanese makes a great bear, NOT sugar free

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                                                                      1. re: BiscuitBoy

                                                                        Those are the best. AND AND AND, I just found some at the 99cent store this weekend!! I was so excited!

                                                                        1. re: Jelly71

                                                                          Really, I've never seen'em local..always buy in bulk via amazon

                                                                      2. I still think Haribo is the best but recently got some of the natural ones from Traders Joes (with the bears on the bags) they are good too. I like the slightly firmer ones. They have all natural coloring too and their dark purple is very very good.

                                                                        nuts.com had some black currant and pineapple ones for sale at Halloween that were really good too.

                                                                        1. Haribo are by far the best. Put them in the freezer and you will never be able to eat them any other way.

                                                                          1. Haribo Goldbären All the way. the german ones taste so much better than the usa ones; a lot more fruity. they have real fruit and are all natural, as well

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                                                                            1. re: Jr_Epicure

                                                                              You do not have to go to germany to get them. Any european airport should have them in the duty free candy section, or get them online.

                                                                            2. Albanese makes the World's Best Gummi Bears, hands down. Not even close. They have 12 different Flavors of Gummi Bears in each bag. Soft and very easy to chew. They are addicting and very low calorie and gluten free, fat free, with low sodium. Simply the Best.

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                                                                              1. re: chasebo5

                                                                                Sounds great! Can we order them online?

                                                                              2. can someone help me with a brand. I used to only be able to find them at Dollar General stores. I think they stopped them in like around 2007. They were in a purplish packaging and the bears were darker in color than normal gummy bears, and very fruity and soft.

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