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Mar 8, 2001 02:41 PM

Birthday meal

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I'm flying into LA for the weekend while I am filming in Florida, and was wondering if I could get a reccomendation for some really good seafood, other than Syd's in Canoga park, and Kings in Calabasas?

Syd's is good, but I sure would like to find some really spicy seafood chowder in L.A. .Syd's makes a great New England clam chowder.


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  1. I had good luck at the Water Grill in downtown. Order the crabcakes appetizer--the best I've had. Though I wasn't impressed with their lobster bisque, my friend loved the chowder (made with apple bacon, I think). They have a wide variety of fresh fish dishes, plus a raw bar that looked delicious. Very pricy, but worth it for a special occasion.

    Many of the Chinese restaurants in SGV also have great seafood dishes: steamed fish in soy sauce, crabs sauteed with scallions, steamed jumbo shrimp appetizer... This is making me hungry!

    1. I have been to THE WATER GRILL twice in the last year, and both times the experience was exceptional. Terrific service (professional and warm), a lovely atmosphere and beautifully presented and great tasting fish ... and I am not even much of a fish person. Both times I had soup to start -- once was a very rich Lobster Bisque. I don't remember the other one, but I do remember it also being very good. Obviously, a great recommendation from me.