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Jan 2, 2008 08:49 AM

Looking for kombu and dried bonito flakes

I want to make some nice warm miso soup, whhich market is the best, I am headed down to the St marks vicinity after work.


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  1. Sunrise Mart is next to the St. Mark's Bookstore on 3rd ave and like 9th st, one block north of St. Mark's, hang around the corner of the book store and it's on the second floor, there's an elevator to get up to it. you can't miss it, you'll find all japanese groceries you would ever need

    1. Try Commodoties Health Foods @ 11th Street & 1st Avenue.

      1. Natural Frontier, third avenue and 21st street has them too.

        1. Katagiri 224 E 59th St. I know that some natural/organic food places carry them too. I know for certain westerly market in hells kitchen sells organic kelp - although I'm not sure what could possibly make sea kelp "organic."

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            Sunrise Mart is the best option, especially since you'll be around the corner. I always felt Katagiri was overpriced, only worth it if you need a place in that Midtown east area.

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              I had some sushi for dinner last night here in China. They had really strong Wasabi which was in a tube (like a toothpaste tube)...never seen that before. I have no idea what brand it was because "Wasabi" was the only word in English on the package.

              Anyone seen something similar for sale in NYC? It was REALLY strong. I almost choked. Just the way I like it :)


              1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                The wasabi in a tube can be found in all the Japanese grocery stores. Sunrise market carries it for sure.

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                  I'll be sure to grab some when I get home.


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