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Mar 8, 2001 12:21 PM

regarding J. Gold & R. Reichl

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Is it true that these two are moving back to Los Angeles and giving up their jobs at Gourmet magazine? Will they be working for the Weekly? the Times?

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  1. Jonathan's wife, former Times food editor Laurie Ochoa, is the new L.A. Weekly editor. Not "food editor," editor. I believe the plan is for Gold to remain bicostal but based in NYC for the time being.

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    1. re: Muskrat

      Evan Kleinman mentioned after interviewing Johnathan that he was moving back to LA. He was there and didn't disagree. That's all I know.

      1. re: Muskrat

        That sounds about right. Although I'll technically be based in Los Angeles. Where a man can still find a decent taco, by God.

        1. re: Muskrat

          But even with all his new responsibilities can't he still measure in more often on the LA chowhound site? Yes, I bought the book and it's great but I, for one, really miss the repartee. Jonathan, are you listening?