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Jan 2, 2008 08:16 AM

Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in DFW

I have had several of the notable Chicago Deep Dish place around the Metroplex and maybe I just have missed the two or three that are out there still left to try. I have tried the following:

Womax - Flower Mound (Though the crust was too thick and doughy)
Chicago's Finest Pizza - Plano (Best so far...liked their chunky sauce)
Chicago Ricks - Carrollton (Liked the pizza but when I went last (about 2 yrs ago) they didn't have deep dish....had good flavor though)

Anyone have any suggestions?
Chicago St - Plano?
Little Joe's Famous Chicago Pizza - Keller?
Pizzeria Uno - Fort Worth?

I would like a Chicago Deep Dish with great Italian sausage not the typical processed kind (maybe Jimmy's Italian Sausage from Jimmy's on Bryan and Fitzhugh). I know they have a Jimmy's Pizza at Fireside Pies along with Mozzarella Company cheese, but it is not a Chicago style.

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    1. Chicago St. gets a lot of support from people who crave Chicago style pizza in the area. Do a search and you will see lots of posts.

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        Great post soulslinger! I vote for Chicago's Finest in Plano; they're good to go, but I REALLY enjoy making my own with all those great ingredients from Jimmy's. Talk about! This is one thread I'm gonna hafta keep my eye on!

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          So do you get your crust premade from Jimmy's also (or have your own Chicago recipe???) and where did you get your Chicago deep dish pans to bake the pies in?

          I really love Jimmy's and they are one of the few stores that have remembered a face. I have been going since about 3 years before it burned down. I just went today for a lunch Itallion Stallion and got a 1/4 lb of hot coppa. I love all of their salumi but wonder where they get there meats from. Need to ask next time. I came back to the office and began Googling salumi...came up with a few hits btu that will be for another post.

          Also DiRotiman......since your name implies a dish that I would like to you have a recipe that you follow for doubles and rotis....particularly from T&T?

          1. re: soulslinger

            Hey Soulslinger,

            Love your posts -- we seem to enjoy similar flavors! My favorite crust recipe is from Lou Malnati's in Chicago -- I found one on here:


            It's really quite good, easier than it seems, and is what I like the most. I don't use premade crust unless I'm under the weather or three sheets to the wind! Ha! Plus I've never found any really good thick premade crusts. On the thin side, I tend to prefer going to a few select Middle-East markets and getting lavash bread to make a quickie thin-crust. But that's not what we're talkin' 'bout here, now IS it! Ha!

            I love pizza -- made from scatch. That includes crust and sauce. And when it comes to ingredients, I make the trip to Jimmy's for cheese and meats. Sure you can find *similar* ingredients at Whole Foods, Central Market, or Market Street, but Jimmy's is real. Plus the experience of just going to Jimmy's seems to make ALL of my favorite Italian dishes shine -- not to mention their authenticity of being bona fide Italian or East Coast in style just hits the mark in any dish. (Their 'Copa' and Capicola are to be "clipped" for! :)) Not to mention their olive shooters -- holy catfish!


            Nevertheless, I'm passionate about pizza -- my pizzas -- and insist on outstanding ingredients. Jimmy's is instrumental from start to finish in making my pies, and Lou Malnati's recipe for crust is "on like a pot of neckbones!"

            A while back, I got a round, deep dish pan for about $9 at... uhhh... ah yes, The Kitchen Collection in the outlet mall in Allen, TX (Stacy Rd. @ 75) Rightous deal -- it's hard to find one at Sur Le Table or Williams Sonoma! Ha! Works great and is developing a nice, rustic patina...

            All that aside -- Rotis... you inquire about de roti... oh mon, probably should reserve my monologue on those tasty staples for another thread, BUT... after a few trips to T&T, I'm addicted. There's obviously two recipes needed -- one for the skin and another for the filling. My inspiration comes from my well-worn edition of "Culinaria: The Caribbean" by Rosemary Parkinson. The dhalpurie roti recipe is what I use for inspiration for the skin. It's [one love] in a packet! That's all I'll elaborate in this pizza thread -- don't wanna bore the Hounds!

            Time to go open another Leinenkugel's and WISH I had Rush Street under my feet...

      2. On the other hand if you are happy with a really good Sicilian then try Roma on 75 & Spring Creek in Plano or 78 in Sache. They make what is one of the better Sicilian styles around. I personally like it better than the pizza at Chicago St, but again a different kind of pizza, but still thick.

        1. Skip Uno's in Fort Worth. It's a chain (they bought the name), and the pizzas, while fine if you just want pizza, are pretty miserable if you DO want Chicago style.

          I've been to Taste of Chicago in Fort Worth which is pretty decent (On McCart, 1-2 miles south of I-20, in a shopping center on the right that also has Julie's Fresh Kitchen & Cousins BBQ), but have to give the nod to Little Joe's in Keller, with the caveat to MAKE SURE THEY REPEAT YOUR ORDER. Two experiences, both with the wrong pizza being there when I arrived. Sucks to wait another hour while they make what you ordered.

          1. The original comment has been removed