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Mar 7, 2001 07:56 PM

Decent fishmonger -- perferably in SGV

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I'm looking for somewhere that will sell really fresh and premium fish, like Atlantic halibut and Maine scallops. Where there is good turnover and will cut and clean to order. Are there any, hopefully in San Gabriel Valley? It can be a fish market, or good supermarket. If you of some that are a bit further like 20 minutes from Monterey Park, that fine.

If you know of some that aren't too far from Torrance, that would be fine also. TIA

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  1. i'm not sure about the fresh cut but i've gotten very good fish in the past there.

    glendale ave - east off of 134 right hand side

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    1. re: joea
      Tom Armitage

      Fish King is one of the best places to buy fresh fish in the greater Los Angeles area.

      1. re: Tom Armitage

        They may be the best bet in Glendale but they don't understand the difference between wet and dry scallops (theirs are all preserved).

        1. re: Deborah

          Do you know of any place that sells diver scallops shucked into salt water?

    2. r
      Ronald Young

      I've gotten some of the freshest fish at local farmers markets; Santa Monica on Wednesday in this case. Perhaps there is one in your area. It seemed that the fish had been caught only hours earlier, cleaned and dressed, then trucked in and sold from that same truck.

      1. Kev, should I assume you DON'T want to go to an Asian supermarket like Shun Fat or Ranch 99 in MP? They have huge live fish sections, with tanks brimming with live crabs ($3-$5/lb), lobster, cod, mussels, etc. No Atlantic halibut probably, but maybe live scallops. Shun Fat is on Atlantic Blvd, near the 10 fwy, 99 Ranch is just down the street and there's another branch in the megamall at Del Mar/Valley.

        There's also the little Yaohon Japanese supermarket on Las Tunas in San Gabriel, just east of the Alhambra border. And there's a Japanes fish market also on Las Tunas, a couple blocks west -- I think.

        You can always get beautiful, but overpriced fresh fish at the Bristol Farms in South Pas. Then there are the fresh fish guys at the farmer's markets -- Victory Park in Pasadena on Saturdays, Villa Park in Pasadena on Tuesdays.