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Jan 2, 2008 07:59 AM

Re-heating a cooked pork roast

I had a group invited for Xmas bag and have a good chunk of cooked roast loin of pork. I cooled it, wrapped it well and froze it, which I have never done, but we were headed out of town and it seemed to be the best option.

Question: Having a dinner on Friday. Can I thaw it gently, rewarm in the oven and serve as the main?

Not a freezer wizard, so any advice on best ways to re-heat, so appreciated. Also, let me know if this is a bad idea.

Happy new year, all -- and thanks, as always for the words of wisdom.


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  1. Assuming the roast pork loin was not overcooked originally, my suggestion is...

    Slice the pork to your desired thickness preferred and fan it down, nearly flat, as to where about a quarter of the slice's top is exposed. Gently warm it in your oven with or without liquid, at 225-250*. prepare a sauce and serve.

    Slicing the pork when it is cold will be easier than when it is warmed. The meat will also be allowed to warm more quickly sliced, thus reducing the possibility of drying out the meat during reheating.

    As for the quality of the pork....I am sure it is fine and still tasty.

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      I just reheated a cooked pork loin, about 1.5 lbs. I placed on aluminum foil, added 2 tablespoons of water, tightly wrapped and put in glass baking dish. Placed in preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Took out of oven, removed foil, placed on serving dish and served. Was warm, moist and delicious!

    2. I think it's a fine idea, but you do need to be careful how you thaw and reheat it so it doesn't dry out. I've been having good results reheating meat (pork roast, leftover turkey)with gentle steaming or simmering (or even steeping in very hot but not boiling water) in a heat-approved plastic bag -- sort of like a boil-in bag or oven-bag concept. If you were thinking of serving a sauce with it, you can reheat it in the sauce in a covered dutch oven in a slow (275ish) oven. And fourunder is right: you'll have the best luck reheating the roast without the outsides drying out if your plans for serving will allow you to preslice it.

      1. When I have to reheat any pre-cooked frozen meat, I wrap it in iceberg lettuce leaves, shred a few extra iceberg leaves, line the bottom of a pot with the shredded leaves, set the wrapped meat on top of them, add a few tablespoons of water (depends on the diameter of the pan, but you don't want the water to be so deep the meat swims! Or even gets it feet wet.), then warm it gently on a slow burner. The meat always comes out moist and delicious. Whatever sauces or gravies you plan to serve with it work just fine. And if you want to warm the pork first and slice it after, just allow enough time for the pork to heat through. Iceberg lettuce is magic!

        1. Thanks so much for the sound and interesting advice, which I will heed!!!