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Jan 2, 2008 07:52 AM

Which color for Le Creuset gumbo pan?

I am going to buy a Le Creuset risotto pot for making gumbo. The colors have made me crazy. I lean towards red, because to me it seems to be a New Orleans color, but cream white seems best for presentation. Any thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Gumbo Guy.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Personally, I am a fan of the red or the burnt orange color...Have some of both....don't agree that cream white makes the best presentation....Love a vibrant color for presentation...

      1. I'm an artist and designer too. I would like a warm color like the Red. Flame, or the Dijon yellow which is exclusive to Willaims Sonoma. The have it on sale now for $164.99 in the Dijon.

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          If you like that Dijon...when we were at WS earlier thsi week they told us the Dijon was being discontinued and all styles were clearance priced. I think the lemongrass too? this was in addition to the big stack of items in all colors that were being cleared out(dofeus and the shallower style round ovens)

        2. As I read your post, I looked over and admired my "dune", i.e. cream white 9 quart french oven, which I received for Christmas and is now sitting on my cooktop.

          My question for you is what is the rest of your kitchen and tableware like? I prefer for the food itself to be the most colorful elements. I have mainly stainless steel, black, glass, and various tones of white in my kitchen. I have very small amounts of deep green and brown as accents, and so I considered green, but decided that since 9 quarts is such a large size, I didn't want that much green jumping out at me.

          On the other hand, I have friends who cook wonderful food, have vibrant Le Creuset colored pots and use a variety of colors of fiesta ware for serving. I enjoy it when I'm at their house, but it's not what I want to live with every day.

          1. White (inside of Le Creuset) does take on the color of many, many good meals the more you use it. My most loved Le Creusets are now a pale brown-gray-caramelized red on their interiors (and NO amount of scouring will remove it). Esp for roux making, you're going to discolor the inside. It will happen. And depending on how often you make gumbo and if you go past a walnut colored roux, it will happen within six months.
            Would it bother you if the inside color were significantly darker than the exterior?

            Mine are light blue and a deep yellow (both chosen because they were on sale.) Had I realized I'd be using the yellow one for forty years, I would have gone the extra five dollars and gotten a more pleasant color.

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            1. re: shallots

              I had such a hard time deciding on color! Afterall it is a big investment and hopefully will be in your kitchen for a lifetime. I ended up taking back the red for the light green. Mainly because my kitchen is plum with other warm tones. I love the light green. Hopefully I will in another 20 years!