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Jan 2, 2008 07:23 AM

2nd Anniversary Dinner-Tempo?

I've heard good things, although have never been to Tempo. The prices seem extremely reasonable if the qulaity matches up to the pub I've heard/read/ Can anyone give me a yay or nay on this idea? Thanks

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  1. I'd give it a yay. I've eaten there worked my way through most of the menu and can't recall having a bad meal.

    This is the place in the neighborhood that I love to take my Manhattan friends to show them how great we have it in Park Slope. The menu is solid, food is good, and atmosphere is upscale but casual. And, as you noticed, the prices are great considering the quality.

    Congrats on the anniversary, and enjoy your meal.

    1. depends on yr style and price point. personally, i always feel like something is missing at tempo...for $25 for 3 courses, i ignore that feeling.

      id go with applewood hands down...just a perfect restaurant if you ask me.

      1. I give it a thumbs up. If I were celebrating a big anniversary (ie, like a 10th), maybe it's not special enough. But it's one of the best restaurants in the Slope, and has a nice environment for a romantic meal. Tables are spaced far enough and the decor is handsome. Even better, the food is very good. You'll have a nice evening there.

        1. Yay for Tempo.

          My husband and I have been regulars at Tempo for years, and we just keep going back.
          When we first tried the place we so happily surprised: it was like a very good Manhattan style restaurant -in Brooklyn, with Brooklyn prices. In our opinion, the best restaurant in the Slope. The past two months, we have dined there almost weekly.

          The space is very nice, with good atmosphere, the food is delicious, the service is good, and the wine list is the best one in Brooklyn (not counting the wine lists at super-expensive event restaurants like River Cafe or Peter Luger). Unlike so many other restaurants that carry wines from only one country - for example the US or Italy (with a few bottles from other countries) - Tempo's wine list covers a broad range of countries and regions. It is a very smart and thoughtful list, with something for everyone.
          Robert (one of the partners at Tempo) knows his wines so well - and is really passionate about them, so if you love wine, definitely ask for him if in doubt -or just for fun. We are total wine snobs and know what we like, but we still like ask Robert's about his "thoughts" and often let him choose for us. (But just him, no one else right now.)

          While there are other nice restaurants in the Slope, in our opinion, none of them is as classy and consistent as Tempo. So if we feel we want something better than Tempo, we go to Manhattan.