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Jan 2, 2008 07:15 AM

FUN but foodie dinner dt

Hello! I am back in Chicago visiting after moving to Philly and I'm really missing the Chicago experience. My mom, me (23), boyfriend, and dad were all going to adventure into the city from Naperville on Saturday. What I'm basically looking for is ambience, great food, great drinks, and not too expensive (say, $25 a plate average). The boyfriend and dad are meat kind of people while my mom and I are always up for an adventure and like places that offer an asian flare (like Catch 35, although that's not a must). No tapas, kind of over that trend. Any suggestions? We'd like it to be in a fun neighborhood too so we can grab a couple drinks before dinner somewhere else.

In my head I'm thinking something of the ambience/neighborhood where Vivo is on W. Randolph but am open to pretty much any suggestions.

Whew, that was long winded. Thank you for all your help, hope everyones New Years was fun and filled with yummy food!

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  1. How about...
    Drinks at Bar Louie, dinner at Timpano Italian Chop House and a comedy show at the Comedy Shrine? All of these locations are right in the same strip mall and there is a parking garage right across the street on Chicago Avenue just east of Washington St.

    Its right in the heart of the action downtown with more bars, restaurants and live bands at Frankies Blue room, on Chicago Ave. just west of Washington St.

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    1. re: janybird

      I got so confused by this post that I looked up these suggestions on Metromix. They are all in Naperville, which makes much more sense, since Washington St. downtown runs east-west.

      janybird - I think the OP was looking for suggestions in downtown Chicago, rather than Naperville.

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        After slowing down a bit and re-reading the OP I see it was the opposite of what I thought I read........sorry for any confusion

    2. First thing that popped into my mind:

      Maybe Frontera (Mexican) just for the experience + food quality+ the neighborhood.

      Adobo Grill (Mexican) for the neighboorhood primarily + the food.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        Ooops! Forgot about Red Light too. (Same group as Opera, I think.) I've never been to Red Light, but I think it's an Asian fusion type place with decent food, and it's supposedly somewhat of a scenic place. Prices on menu look exactly like what you're looking for, and look at that address!
        820 W. Randolph
        Chicago, IL 60607

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          I second the Opera recommedation. Its been awhile since I was there, but they had a whole red snapper dish that my husband loved, and I had a filet and it had this amazing wine (?) sauce. Also if you can, ask for a vault room if it is the 4 of you. Its a neat little experience. I don't think you can fit more than 4 in these little semi-private rooms.