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Jan 2, 2008 07:03 AM

quiet breakfast

any recommendations for a place to have breakfast on Friday? am getting together with a long lost friend and we have a lot of cathching up to do. wants to be able to sit somewhere, not be rushed out. Strong preference for no music. Neighborhood preferably village, upper west side, soho. thanks.

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  1. I think that if you pick most hotels it would be nice and quiet... (Town at Chambers Hotel? Thor at Hotel Rivington? 57 at Four Seasons?)

    I pass Michaels and it looks great for breakfast.

    Try Opentables.

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    1. re: doona

      Norma's at the parker meridien is pretty nice. I cant exactly remember the noise level, but the food is fun and and the space is pretty

    2. We rarely eat breakfast out, but a few years ago, we went to Chez Laurence, the cafe on the corner of Madison & 38th St., on a weekday morning around 10. There was no music, and we weren't rushed out.

      I've never been to Balthazar, but I've seen posts on this board indicating that the ambiance at breakfast is pretty laid back. Perhaps someone who has been there will chime in and tell you if there's music.

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        No bigger fan of breakfast at Balthazar then me. The key to a quiet weekday breakfast is that you have to be there when they open at 7:30, and by 8:30- 9:00 it is noisy and full of a mix of business meetings and tourists. They tend to play classical music but not to loud. They never rush you and you can sit as long as you want.

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          In all the times that I've been to Balthazar, and each time no earlier than 9 am, the noise level becomes very high, excruciatingly at times, with the parade in-and-out of tourists.

      2. Sarabeth's on Amsterdam b/t 80th and 81st. They also have locations on Central Park South and Upper East Side.

        1. If you haven't already decided on a spot for breakfast tomorrow, I would strongly recommend Nice Matin on the UWS (79th at Amsterdam). I had a wonderful breakfast there last month (scrumptious eggs benedict with salmon, fresh OJ and cafe au lait) and they let me sit there for nearly 3 hours while I did some work reading. Nice bright space too.

          I would recommend against Norma's as it can be quite loud.

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            Le Pain Quotidien on 66th & Columbus.