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Jan 2, 2008 06:49 AM

Visit to Mazatlan (in Baltimore)

We had a most enjoyable lunch in this small, friendly, family-owned Mexican restaurant the other day. It is located at 3301 E. Joppa (bet. Harford & Belair Rds) in an unassuming little quasi-strip mall. There was a carryout counter but also a smallish (4-6 tables) dining room, which was not fancy but was bright & colorful & had a stone back wall and a mural; it was separated from the carryout area by a stone arch.

An earlier post mentioned their limited evening hours, however they are now open Mon-Sat 11a-10p. It is BYOB, and they were happy to direct us to a local liquor store in a nearby strip mall.

We tried what we call the "acid test" order - possibly the hardest things on the menu to get right & see what happens. For us it was mole poblano (a holy grail quest), & shrimp in garlic sauce. Both were great - spicy but not deadly, and fresh. Mazatlan (the city & namesake) is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico (I had to look at a map), which might explain the varied & ambitious fish dishes offered at this modest little jewel.

By all means, go to Mazatlan & enjoy good Mexican food in the "empty dining quarter" of NE Baltimore City/SE Balto county!

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  1. Ditto the rec...but I had not known it was BYOB! For a simpler meal, the steak tacos can't be beat, and the plates are very prettily presented!