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Jan 2, 2008 06:34 AM

Wedding party in Rome - need advice on restaurants?

Hoping all you experts on restaurants in Rome will be able to help me out here. I've been reading the many, many posts and while I've been compiling a list nothing really fits the bill perfectly, hence here I am...

My fiance and I are getting married in Rome in June and have about 50-60 friends and family travelling from all over the world to attend. We need to find the right restaurant for a Welcome Dinner which has 'Roman' ambience, a good range of food (a couple of veggies, some don't eat red meat, some don't eat seafood etc), near to the Pantheon (that's where we're getting married and near where everyone's staying) and not too expensive (looking at about €30 per person not including wine as an average) and above all can take a party of 50 people.

From my research there seem to be plenty but I have no idea where to start. We are visting in February so could try out a couple in advance if there are any suggestions.

The Welcome Dinner is my first priority but we'll also be having lunches and dining every night of the week that we're there but not en masse. If anyone has any guidance for other restaurants that are easy-to-get-to, reasonably-priced, with good food I'd really appreciate it. We can then give all the guests are Chowhound Top Tip list for their stay!

Oh and any suggestions for a great lunch near the Vatican? I just know that everyone is going to be starving after the Pope's audience.

Thanks so much - 6 months to go but there seems to be so much more planning with a destination wedding! If you have questions please shout because I really need the advice!

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  1. First of all, congratulations Natalia. You might want to start by searching this board for "wedding in Rome". In the last year or so there have been several postings by people in your situation and there has been lots of good advice already given. After you've done that you might have more specific questions to ask. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks for the advice, bropaul! I've read all the wedding related posts, they're mainly concentrating on wedding receptions and restaurants that are a little further from the Centro Storico. We've already taken care of that with our booking at the Hotel Quirinale and are now specifically looking for restaurants near to the Pantheon/Piazza Navona area that will provide a 'Roman' experience to start our week of festivities.

      Reading through the many, many reviews on this site I've come up with a short list but, of course, I'm not sure that they will fit all our criteria, the main one being to just seat a party of 50 guests. Options we're thinking of for the Welcome Dinner are either Da Baffetto or Armando al Pantheon. What do you think?

      At least if we start the guests off with the best pizza in Rome they'll be inspired to search out other fantastic restaurants. That's our thinking at this stage anyway.

      Does anyone know how big Da Baffetto is? Is a party of 50 an option?

      Thanks again!

      1. re: nataliamoore

        I don't know about Da Baffetto, but according to one restaurant guide, the total capacity of Armando al Pantheon is 35.

        There are two restaurants across the street from each other on Via dei Pastini very close to the Pantheon that I recall as being over several floors (it was years ago, and I may be wrong...) and that may be able to accommodate a party of 50: Il Barroccio and Er Faciolaro. Il Barroccio has a Web site, but the links to the menu don't seem to work.

        The URL of the restaurant seems to confirm what an old guidebook (1992) says, i.e., that Er Faciolaro belongs to the same owners.

        Be aware that these are modest eating places in a very touristed area of Rome.

        1. re: nataliamoore

          Armando is really too small. And I doubt that Baffetto is a congenial place for a party, though I've never eaten indoors there, nor is it necessarily the best pizza in Rome. I'd talk to Il Sanpietrino, which is in the Ghetto. It's not right on top of the Pantheon, but it's not far. Another idea could be upstairs at Palatium, via Frattina. I went to a private party at a pizzeria right near the Pantheon, famous but the name escapes me, but it was awful. It may actually have been Il Barroccio. You might talk to Il Fico, which has the advantage of nice people and possibly enough room La Pigna could be an idea, Piazza della Pigna, very staid trattoria, or Enoteca Corsi, which I find way overrated but it has great wines and atmosphere.

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